Millennials and Weed

There are many generations that grew up withweed. But of all these generations, millennials are the generation that thinks weed should be legalized everywhere, they accept cannabis the most. Most millennials are more flexible about cannabis regulations, they are for legally available cannabis products on a recreational level but also for medical purposes. Millennials find the process of legalization inevitable. Although there are some stigmas under this genesis, these young people are also very outspoken in their opinion. Let us take a closer look at how millennials deal with weed and how they think about cannabis-related topics.

How do millennials think about weed?

Millennials are very progressive when it comes to marijuana, most people in this generation have already established a clear position and believe that cannabis should be legalized.

All sorts of nostalgic ideas hang around the entire weed culture, at least by the baby boomers. But millennials have their own ideas about it. The time when hippies left their mark on weed culture is over, the 'good old days' are no longer there. A lot of things have changed, especially with regard to cannabis. Look, you can't stop changes and there will always be people who think that you can only smoke cannabis like in a blunt or joint or pipe. You will always have those and nothing is wrong with that. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions about weed. And millennials have it too.

Millennials like the use of marijuana. They have no prejudices about this, but at the same time, they see that there is still a stigma about its use. But millennials do not control this themselves. For example, most millennials would not post a photo of themselves on social media showing that they are smoking a joint. Even if they work in the cannabis industry, they still find it difficult to be proud of it. It is not that they are ashamed of it, but it is not yet fully socially accepted within their generation. They do not want to take the risk that it is not good for their future career.

Isn't it strange that you don't want to be seen with a photo where you smoke cannabis? If this is socially accepted is very much dependent on where you live. And it is also a big difference in what type of profession you work. Look, if you are a programmer working in the cannabis industry, it won't hurt your 'image' much, and it doesn't matter much if you're looking for another employer. Besides, the attention celebrities give to cannabis also contributes greatly to the social acceptance of the plant and its use. Suppose you have worked in a grow shop and you want to make the switch to a career at a bank, then people can sometimes look surprised. But if you have a marketing position in the industry, you could go to the marketing department of another company without any problems. The millennial generation is very busy with their careers, but they do so in a very conscious way. They just think carefully about the consequences of certain choices.

Weed versus alcohol

Millennials believe that drinking alcohol is more dangerous than smoking pot. People die every year from drinking too much alcohol. This is because the body does not have the ability to metabolize alcohol because it is consumed too quickly. This creates, as it were, an accumulation, which in turn influences breathing and the heart. Millennials realize these consequences and also see that something like that will not happen with the use of pot. The effects of weed are much more subtle in that regard. Incidentally, the fact that the effect of using pot is more subtle makes it no less dangerous. Many people die from smoking cigarettes every year, in the US nearly 500,000 deaths a year. However, the millennial generation would rather stick to weed.