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There are many misunderstandings about the use of cannabis. Some of these misunderstandings are very persistent and others are very funny. In this article, we want to address some of the health myths associated with the use of cannabis.

You often hear it: cannabis is a gateway drug.

For many years, anti-drug information campaigns have been claiming that weed is a gateway drug. A gateway drug is meant that the use of cannabis can lead to the use of hard drugs.

There is a lot of fake news out there

However, this claim has never been proven. A recent study at the University of Hampshire shows that pot does not act as a gateway drug for everyone. It is true that weed paves the way for experimenting with other drugs for certain groups, such as young people who are unemployed, poor and who have a lot of psychological stress. But the problems within these groups are much broader.

Serious drug use is not associated with weed rather than social challenges that young people face in their lives.

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Another marijuana myth: weed will drive you crazy

That weed drives you crazy is one of the most beloved myths of many people, but there is no scientific evidence that the use of weed can negatively affect your mental health.

Every person responds differently to the consumption of weed, this is due to the different metabolism in our body. Some users will feel anxiety or paranoia, and taking too many weeds can in some cases lead to toxic psychosis. But this is rare.

That weed drives you crazy

The negative experiences of using cannabis are sometimes magnified by people. But it is always wise to use a small amount. The effect of cannabis is different for everyone, so it is very important to know your own limits.

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