Marijuana Mojito

Many people around the world appreciate a cocktail. Many people enjoy having one after a long day to help wind down. Other times they are part of the rituals that we all do to celebrate life: whether that be at a holiday party or while out dancing at the club. Cocktails have become synonymous with celebrations and also relaxing. 

Well, those of us here at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds know that the best way to relax is with one of the many strains of marijuana that we sell seeds for. Imagine growing your own marijuana, growing your own mint, and using those ingredients to mix up your homemade cocktails come summertime. And mint is not only an ingredient in a cocktail, but it is also a great plant to grow with your marijuana in order to help keep some pests away and hide the smell of your growing crop. 

What sort of a cocktail can we make with mint, and marijuana, that reminds us of partying in a club? Well, A mojito comes to mind. In this post, we will give you directions to make the best Marijuana Mojito. 

How to make a marijuana mojito


• Rum (1 bottle infused with marijuana)
• Marijuana (3 grams)
• 1 lime
• Crushed ice
• Sparkling water
• 2 scoops of cane sugar
• 3-4 leaves of fresh mint


Preparing a Marijuana Mojito involves more than just crushing up some weed and throwing it in a glass with some rum. You have to prepare your marijuana in order to release the compounds that you are looking for. In order to release the correct chemical combinations, you need to heat the marijuana.

  • Set your oven to 100 degrees.
  • Place crumbled weed tops on a baking sheet and place them in the oven for one hour.
  • When you have done that, make a teabag, only with marijuana. Either find some pantyhose or a coffee filter. Put the 3 grams of marijuana into the teabag and infuse your rum for up to 3 days. The longer you infuse the rum, the stronger the effect will be.

Mix it

Now that the Rum has been prepared, you can mix up your mojito.

  • Pour the sugar into a tall glass.
  • Cut the lime into wedges.
  • Put 2 or 3 leaves of lime into the glass and muddle the ingredients in the bottom of the glass.
  • Add crushed ice to the rim of the glass.
  • Pour in 1 ½ oz of rum.
  • Fill the glass with sparkling water.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime and a mint leaf.

The Marijuana Mojito is not only delicious but it is also an original twist on a classic. This drink will not only get you high, but it’ll also give you a good buzz too. So, enjoy this classic cocktail from Cuba with a cannabis twist. Salute!