Marijuana as medicine

The use of marijuana for medical purposes has a long history, it dates from 2737 BC. At that time, reports were made about the working of marijuana on behalf of the then emperor of China. These writings describe that the marijuana plant is effective in the treatment of gout and rheumatism, among other things.

Medical marijuana

However, there is also doubt about the reliability of these Chenise writings. There is not much demonstrable evidence that the then Chinese emperor really existed. According to historians, the evidence is very thin. What also does not really help is the fact that the ancient Chinese almost never added a date to anything. It is therefore difficult to say with certainty when an event occurred exactly.

According to historians, marijuana was first used in China around 6500 years ago. The then emperor, Shen Nung, was one of the so-called "heavenly emperors," along with Fu-Hsi and Huang Ti. Shen Nong apparently ruled for 140 years! The yellow emperor 'Huang Ti' is said to have ruled even 495 years. This indicates that we should not take all this with a little bit of salt!

Cannabis spread from 1950 BC

Historians have discovered that cannabis spread from China from 1950 BC. It arrived in the middle east around 1400. A hundred years later, cannabis first arrived in Europe. An interesting historical fact is that the ancient Greeks almost certainly used weed for medical purposes and for special ceremonies. A nice discovery if you think that ancient Greece was very influential and enlightened!

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