a man with big eyes eats an edible

Marijuana edibles offer a different body-focused high that can be a great choice for those seeking relief from pain or nausea. However, if you're like me, you can't just stop eating a brownie halfway through and put it down. Especially if 30 minutes later you're still not feeling anything; that brownie is history in my book. After an hour goes by you might be regretting eating the whole thing, especially when you're clenching to your chair in fear of falling off. Or when you start laughing hysterically for the next hour, tears streaming down your face. Everybody reacts differently, good and bad, most however love it because its just a enjoyable feeling, Like when u get paranoid from it and think the whole room is out to get you, you still think its sorta funny as wel!

I'm going to explain to you why your pot tolerance was humbled by that space cake when you otherwise may have thought you are the king of cannabis. Your body absorbs marijuana differently when you are Ingesting it rather than smoking it. When you eat it your liver metabolizes it and delta-9 THC becomes 11-hydroxy-THC. This can pass the blood-brain barrier faster and carries a heavier blow. When marijuana is smoked or vaporized then it doesn't get metabolized by your liver, so only a portion of that 11-hydroxy-THC gets created.

Your lungs

Eating marijuana keeps you high for longer periods of time as its metabolites are absorbed into body fat and then released again into the blood. This means that the effects of eating marijuana can be felt hours and hours later. However, when you smoke a joint, the marijuana compounds are absorbed much more quickly into your blood via your lungs. This pretty much creates an instantaneous high although less powerful and subsides more quickly than when it's eaten.

Another reason why eating cannabis products seemingly gets you higher is because of titration. When you smoke a joint you can notice when you're beginning to hit your limit and you can stop smoking. However, when you ingest it then you are taking a bit of a gamble as to how the dose will affect you. You'll just have to ride out the entire dose.

For many people it's a big bonus that it takes so long for the effects to wear off after ingesting it. If you have already experimented with edibles a bit, and you know what your dose is, then you are set for hours of pain relief. Whereas otherwise you might have to deal with sneaking off and smoking a joint to ease your pain in the middle of the day when you could get caught.

Be aware that even if you know what dose you like, the type of cannabis used in the edibles largely affects how it will make you feel. So what worked for you with one type of edible doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you with other edibles that claim to have the same dose.

Space Cake

How you ingest cannabis, by smoking or eating, causes changes in the quality of the high. The cannabinoids are decarboxylated when they are heated. When the marijuana plant is still living the cannabinoids are synthesized in an acidic form. This form doesn't have that same psychoactive effect we all love. Decarboxylation has to occur so that it loses a carbon dioxide molecule and becomes active. This causes THCA to become THC. Thus, it would be a stupid idea just to eat raw weed. You'd end up pooping out some good potential THC!

A big difference when you smoke weed and eat it in a space cake is that the cannabinoids in the weed that you smoke gets decarboxylated when the flame ignites the bud. With edibles, decarboxylation occurred long before.That process of extracting the cannabinoids from the raw cannabis when baking could change the composition of the cannabinoids in a way that smoking does not.

If you're considering putting on your herbal apron and firing your oven up to 350 degrees then stick to tried and tested recipes. Don't play masterchef and deviate too far from the original recipe as you might end up ruining a perfectly good batch of edibles.

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble so this means that they bond well with substances that have a high fat content- like butter. Once you whip up a batch of cannabutter you can easily expand to cannabread substituting normal butter for cannabutter in the bread recipe. Eventually you can even have the perfect sandwich: cannabread slathered with cannabutter all topped off with our AMS Dutch Hemp Cheese. It's a delicious staple around here!