Marijuana dispensaries demystified

Marijuana dispensaries are popping up everywhere to our delight. If you're one of the lucky ones living in a state that supports medical cannabis you've probably visited a couple. Whether you've visited one or not, the whole system and legalities remain a mystery for many of us. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's wondered, "Sure it may be legal in some places, but how do they get so much weed to support their patients."

What it's like to even walk into a dispensary

Let me start by telling you what it's like to even walk into a dispensary. As you walk in the door you'll probably be greeted by an armed guard wanting to see your ID and medical marijuana card if it's required. The heavy security is due to the fact dispensaries are cash businesses.This is because banks are reluctant to work with pot-related businesses as marijuana is not federally approved and banks are federally regulated financial institutions.

Because many dispensaries are fairly new, they tend to be more sleek and organized than you might expect. It's not like walking into a teenage pothead's bedroom. Dispensaries are well regulated so they have to be spot on with every ounce they sell; this calls for a clean and orderly environment.

If you're a rookie in the dispensary scene then the menu of most dispensaries will be overwhelming but very exciting to look at. You can choose from sativas, indicas, or hybrids. The list continues with baked goods, more edibles, and dabs. You can even choose loose form or pre-rolled joints. Not to worry if you can't make up your mind; surely the Budtender behind the bud bar can advise you on what to get.

Smoking weed is not very cheap

Like most enjoyable things in life; smoking weed is not very cheap. You can expect the taxes on marijuana to be hefty. There is also a price difference if you're buying medical marijuana or recreational marijuana as the taxes on recreational marijuana are so much higher. On average you can expect to pay around $10 for a gram of medical marijuana. However, for recreational marijuana you can expect to pay between $13 to $16 a gram. Also take into consideration the type and quality of weed you want. These given prices are not for the top of the line strains. The price can easily soar when you want the really good stuff.

You should know, before you plop yourself down in the lounge of the dispensary and light up your newly purchased goods, it is prohibited to smoke on the premises and in public. So,on your way out the door you can smile in the camera as it is required by the state law to record everyone that is buying and selling the products.

Laws vary from state to state

After seeing so much product you're bound to think where it all comes from. You may even be thinking that you'd like to see some of your own out of this world space cake on the shelves of dispensaries. Pretty much any ol Joe can sell their product to dispensaries whether it's edibles or buds. However, laws vary from state to state so you should look up what your state requires before you give it a go. You may be required to have a medical marijuana card. If you're trying to make edibles some states require you use a commercial kitchen while other states will allow you to do it from home. Although dispensaries do get a percentage of their products from

Although dispensaries do get a percentage of their products from individuals selling their own home grown and produced products, a large chunk of their buds come from their own growing operation and other dispensaries.

If you are considering taking it a step further and opening your own dispensary be prepared and talk to some dispensary owners to see if you're up for the task. It's not as easy as opening a retail store or another business. Simply paying the application fees and operating licenses can put you in the hole for thousands and thousands of dollars. There's also residency and background checks that will have to be passed.

Dispensaries have come a long way and will continue to become more abundant. Hopefully one day we can all have our own neighborhood dispensary.

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