Medical Marijuana

The first written report of marijuana use for medical purposes dates from 2737 BC. This report is said to have been written by Shen Nung, the emperor of China at the time. He writes that marijuana would be effective in treating gout and rheumatism.


However, there is doubt about this report. The problem is that "Shennong" is the name of a deity in Chinese religion, and historians cannot find evidence that Emperor Shen Nung existed.

Dates have never been recorded by the Chinese, so it is not possible to find out exactly what is written and if it were written.

Marijuana was first used about 6,000 years ago for medical purposes in China

Shen Nung was one of the "Celestial Emperors" (along with Fu-Hsi and Huang Ti) and apparently ruled for 140 years!

Huang Ti (the yellow emperor) is said to have ruled for 493 years. This shows that we should not take everything 100% seriously.

Similarly, there is no hard evidence for a unified Chinese ruler before 221 BC, or a record of a ruling family before the start of the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BC.

Even the unconfirmed rule of the Xia dynasty probably did not begin until 2100 BC.


There are strong indications that cannabis spread from around 2000 BC. spread from China. It spread from China, and it arrived around 1400 BC. in the Middle East. Finally, marijuana arrived in Europe for the first time in the first century AD.


Another interesting fact is that the ancient Greeks, who provided for one of the most enlightened and influential societies of all time, almost certainly used a lot of cannabis.

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