Low THC / High CBD Weed Strains

Finding the right kind of weed strain to relieve your pain can be a difficult task. CBD-rich / low-THC strains are ideal for this purpose. Here is a list of three CBD strains that are very low in THC. These cannabis strains are easy to grow. And they will put a smile on your face once you see the amount of harvest.

The potential of CBD

The more we learn about CBD (or cannabidiol), the more people are interested in finding out which weed strains contain the most effective amount of this popular compound.

CBD is the cannabinoid in weed that is most associated with medicinal benefits. As more and more patients step away from taking prescription drugs and depend on a more natural method to alleviate suffering, knowing what to grow is crucial. Read on and discover some of the best low THC / High CBD strains.

Low THC and high CBD

Some weed strains are bred to contain high levels of CBD with little THC. THC is known to be the psychoactive component in cannabis. THC is the compound that makes you feel high. A weed strain with a ratio of CBD and THC in about 1:1 is ideal for people who are intolerant for a high amount of THC. More and more cannabis users are looking for strains that have a moderately high effect. THC works together with other cannabinoids and therefore characterizes the softening properties. So you actually need THC to activate other components in cannabis. Some people also like weed strains that are not so overwhelming, and low-THC strains are ideal for this, too.

Here are three of the best CBD strains you can grow yourself easy.

Low THC / high CBD strain: CARMAGNOLA

Carmagnola is a an Italian landrace strain that is very high in CBD which makes it an ideal strain for those interested in enjoying the medical benefits of cannabis with little to no psychoactive effects. If you want enough bud to last you a long time then opt for this strain with its high yield. The buds of Carmagnola are the perfect addition to your medicinal routine.

Low THC / high CBD strain: CONNOISSEUR MIX

The Connoisseur mix strain is very high in CBD. Cannabinoids have a synergistic effect enhancing the medicinal properties of weed. Native European weed strains, like this one, have been specifically bred and adapted for high CBD content. Connoisseur Mix will help any tension in your body subside while keeping your focus and daily tasks unimpeded.

Low THC / high CBD strain

With its very high CBD content, Futura 75 is great for making medical oils to ease ailments. The THC versus CBD ratio for this strain is 1:7 so you will be able to continue your daily tasks while medicating. Like other CBD rich strains, AMS Futura 75 can help reduce anxiety, nausea, pain, and inflammation.

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What is your favorite low THC / high CBD weed strain?


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