Improve the quality of your cannabis buds

Every grower wants the best flower tops. But how do you ensure that you get everything out of your plant? This article provides several tips on how to improve the quality of your cannabis buds.

Start with the best quality seeds

Everything starts with top-shelf genetics. Naturally, your green thumb affects how a plant performs. Breeding skills make a big difference. However, a plant cannot overcome its genes. So if you go for quality, you will have to start with the best quality seeds. A lot of the quality is already contained in the seed. So if you want powerful flower tops, sparkling purple, and covered with a wonderful layer of trichomes, then you need the right genetics.

Light and Fertilizers

A lot of light also benefits your plant. A lot of light increases the yields, density, and potency of your cannabis plants.

A cannabis plant grows optimally with the right fertilizers. That is why basic nutrient skills are important. Do you know anything about Starting fertilizers and Flower Boosters? If not, do some homework. You don't have to spend long evenings in the library, but some basic knowledge about the right nutrients to give your plant in which phase can make a big difference.


If you have more experience growing cannabis plants, it is a good idea to delve into terpenes. Terpenes give your plants a scent and taste. There are different techniques to increase the terpene content so that your buds taste better and smell better.

Optimizing the temperature and humidity in the flowering phase can increase resin production (stickiness). You can also bring out colors such as pink or purple.

You can also increase the density of your buds by ensuring good air steam in your growing space. In addition, sufficient light is essential. The wind pollinates cannabis, so more energy is put into buds exposed to air streams.

Trimming, drying and curing

Trimming, drying, and curing are relevant when the plant's growing process is over. Make sure you know what these terms mean and how to put them into practice. Many growers pay less attention to the post-harvest phase. Nevertheless, these three factors determine approximately 50% of the final appearance of the buds.

Allowing it to dry and harden well enhances the weed's smell and maximizes the buds' power. All these factors help to improve the quality of your cannabis buds.

Do you have any tips? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.