Stop Pets Messing With Your Grow

Growing cannabis can come will all sorts of problems, from pests to root-rot. However, perhaps one of the least talked about things in this area is the damage pets can do to a garden if allowed to roam freely. That's right, your cats or dogs (or both) do indeed pose a little bit of a threat to your weed plants, and vice versa, which is why it is vital that all pet owners are knowledgeable in this regard. This article will explain a little bit about what your pets invading your garden could mean for your plants, and for them:

The presence of cats in your garden can seriously affect your weed plants in a whole variety of negative ways. For one thing, a cat's urine can really harm your soil because it is high in ammonia and nitrogen, which can burn your plants. If you do notice your cat peeing in your valuable soil, act quickly to avoid any loss to quality or yield. Dilute your soil with a good amount of water and hopefully, this will solve your problem if it is not an ongoing one.

Train your dog

One preventative measure you can take in order to stop your furry pals from going near your garden in the first place put up some chicken wire to act as a defense. Cats hate to walk on chicken wire, so this is a really good deterrent. Another thing you can do alongside this method is to make sure your cat's litter tray is always clean to stop them from looking for somewhere else to do their business.

It isn't just cats that can damage your garden, dogs can too. One of the central issues that may occur with dogs getting into your weed garden is that they become quite curious and begin to dig in the soil. This is a natural instinct for your dogs, though it can cause serious damage to your cannabis plants, especially if your dog gets to the root system. To stop this from happening, train your dog to stay out of your grow all together and take them out on long walks where they can dig to their hearts' content.

Just as pets can hurt your cannabis plants, your cannabis plants can hurt your pets. When our furry friends consume THC, it can actually cause them quite a bit of discomfort, and they may appear drowsy and nauseous. If your cat or dog does succeed in devouring your plants, and appears to be acting differently, please take them to a vet immediately to avoid any further harm to your pet's health.