How to grow larger weed buds?

Every cannabis grower knows that for a good harvest it is important that your plants grow the largest, juiciest and most powerful buds out there. Eventually, this is where we as growers aim for. Here is how you can speed up your weed buds to grow faster and bigger.

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Bigger marijuana buds because of pruning

The first way to accelerate the growth of your weed plants when they enter the flowering phase is to remove already dying leaves. You can see which leaves die because they turn yellow or brown. It's OK to cut them off.

Leaves that are turning yellow can do damage to the rest of the plant (in terms of the speed of your bud growth). This is because as long as they stick to the plant, they continue to use valuable resources that can instead focus on bud growth. Remove these leaves as soon as you find them dying.

But do not throw away the yellowed leaves. They should actually contain enough THC to consume.

We like big buds!

Speed up the growth of your weed buds by topping your plants

Another form of pruning, called topping, is a great way to accelerate the growth of the buds of your weed plants. Cut some buds at the top of your plants. This makes the other buds grow bigger and faster.

Another type of trimming (or ''training'') is low-stress training (also known as LTS). This means that no plant material is cut or removed. You have to physically move your plants and manipulate their growth patterns to make them bushy and broad instead of tall and thin. You do this by bending the plant.

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The key to successfully low-stress-train your plant is to start when your plants are still young. Screen of Green is another LST option that uses a net to shape the growth pattern of your plants. Because of this, all your plants get as much sunlight as possible and grow faster and more efficiently.