Cannabis skull

Do you know what the rookie syndrome is? Even though you have never heard of it, you probably have an idea what is meant by it.

With the rookie syndrome is meant that you as a novice cannabis user get so stoned that you can no longer function normally. That can lead to very nice situations, but also to very annoying and even dangerous ones.

If you have used too much marijuana, there are a few things you can do to reduce your high.

If you consume cannabis it is very important that you know how to dose well. That is very important, but it is also very difficult to determine the correct dose. Even for experienced marijuana users.

Major Influence

Whether you smoke a weed strain that is full of THC, or you indulge in a cannabis brownie. Everyone sometimes takes too much THC. It is also very difficult to estimate when something has been enough, especially when something tastes really good, like with an edible.

It is good to realize that a correct dosage has a major influence on an experience. And as said, it is very difficult when something is very tasty. People who are just starting to use marijuana are the most prone to getting high, and they don't know how to estimate the effect.

But do not worry. Everything will be fine, especially with these tips and tricks.

Finish your high by squeezing a lemon

There are several things you can do to extend, change or end a high. If you have taken a bit too much of a joint, you can use a technique based on what we call: the "the entourage effect."

Cannabinoids and terpenes work together and create certain intoxication effects. It is piperine and limonene terpenes that can help to reduce an unpleasant cannabis experience. How? By squeezing a lemon over a glass of water and adding a few crushed peppercorns.

Essential oils also work. This lowers your high and suppresses anxious feelings.

Reduce your high by breathing

Of course you now think 'duh', but you should know how many people forget this. Certainly if you panic it is very important to watch your breathing and breathe calmly and deeply. This way more oxygen enters your blood and you calm down.

Reduce your high by hydrating

If you are too high, drinking a big glass of water is always a good idea. You will not immediately get sober, but it certainly calms down. It is also important to drink water before smoking weed. This way you prevent problems.

Stay amazing, keep blazing!