Joint with smoke

Hotboxing is a very popular activity among stoners. And you can't blame them, because it is great fun. We stoners just like things hot! But why does everyone do it? Well, because your smoking session becomes more fun and special.

Are you ready for it? Check the hotboxing tips in this article and invite your smoke buddies to come over.

Cypress Hill

You'll need a small, enclosed space for a hot box session. If you want to do hotboxing on your own, you can use a motorcycle helmet. But it is nicer when you invite your friends. You could do it in the car (windows closed!), small garage or in a crazy place such as the bathroom.

Check out this vid in which Cypress Hill's Breal (aka Dr Greenthumb) talks with no other than former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. The two discuss how marijuana helped Mike Tyson out. The conversation takes place in the smokebox.

Stronger in its effect

The idea of ​​hotboxing is to smoke weed in a small space so that the smoke completely surrounds you. The smoke - also the puffs you exhale - keeps lingering around and fills every corner of the room - it cannot escape.

The idea of ​​hotboxing is to smoke weed in a small space so that the smoke completely surrounds you.

Hotboxing makes smoking weed even stronger in its effect. Whether you really get much higher remains to be seen. But the fact that you are completely surrounded by clouds of weed, certainly adds up to the feeling. When you inhale smoke that has already been inhaled, the active ingredients have largely disappeared. But there is still CO2 and that brings extra pleasure.

Turn hot boxing into a true party!

Hotboxing is fun in itself, but you can easily turn it into a blast. I already mentioned the bathroom as a place to organize your hotbox session. Move your speakers there, and what's really cool: such a small laser light beamer, the light rays have an awesome effect on the smoke the entire room is filled with. This way your smoking session will be a very creative experience for everyone.

Happy toking!