Hide the smell of weed

In itself the smell of weed is very nice. It has a strong air, which is not easy to ignore. So if you smoke it, everyone will immediately recognize that it is the scent of weed.

Because it is such a typical odor, it stands out. And because the scent is hard to ignore, it can also irritate people. Not all neighbours, family members and parents like it. All your friends and pot buddies are used to the smell, because they also smoke and smell it. But it is people who do not smoke that usually find the smell annoying.

Then there are a lot of solutions.

Because you don't want your entire house or car to smell like weed, you can probably use some tips on how you can minimize the smell of weed.

Certain strains give off more smell than others

There are many different types of cannabis. And with all those types there are also many different types of smell. Some strains spread a more pleasant air than others, but that is of course also very personal.

When purchasing a certain weed strain make sure that the buds are completely dry and free of moisture. If the buds you buy are dry, they will smell much nicer than moist flower tops. Incidentally, not only the smell is much better, but also the taste. And as you know, your taste is very much influenced by smell.

How you store your weed also has an effect on the air

Maybe this seems very obvious, but it is also very important. If you store weed at home, you don't want to smell it all over the house. The scent can go anywhere, such as clothing and curtains.

Some cannabis strains spread a more pleasant air than others, but that is of course also very personal.

It is therefore important to keep your stach in an airtight place. You can best buy airtight jars that close well with a lid. Those commonly used pots, often used in the kitchen to keep herbs or other foods fresh.

Choose a good place to smoke

Weed scent loves objects made of fabric, or covered with fabric. So if you don't want to keep the weed smell in your house, then you should not smoke in the vicinity of clothing, pillows, sofas and towels. The characteristic smell of cannabis does not go out quickly.

That also applies to smoking in the car. After all, car seats are usually also covered with fabric. So if you want to hide the smell of weed, open the windows so that the air can go out easily. But watch out if you smoke marijuana in those spots. The use of weed is still prohibited in most public places.