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They have been the big breakthrough in cannabis world for a number of years now: Feminized Cannabis seeds. Seeds that only grow female plants! Obviously we have an extensive line of feminized cannabis seeds, and to make it easy for you we have made an overview of all our feminized cannabis seeds. All seeds from this overview are feminine. Are you looking for first-class feminized cannabis seeds? Then look no further but check out our feminized cannabis seeds now!

Genetics of Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Seed usually appear in the female flowers (buds) after pollination with the male pollen. The pollen of the male plant determine the gender of the new seed. Since the male pollen contain both the male and the female chromosome (xy), the chance of a female seed is just as big as the chance of a male seed, fifty-fifty!

However, female cannabis plants can also make male flowers - and therefore also pollen. They are able to become hermaphrodites and do so out of stress. That way they can reproduce themselves when the circumstances ask for it. In contrast to the pollen of a male plant, the pollen of a female plant only contain the female chromosomes (xx). Fertilization with these pollen also yields only female seeds: feminized cannabis seeds.

How are feminized cannabis seeds made?

When we want to make feminized cannabis seeds, we will have to stress a suitable female plant to make male flowers with pollen. The stressing process can be done in different ways, but the most common method is that the plant is sprayed with a special acid. With the pollen of the stressed female plant, other female plants are fertilized, the seeds that result from this are all feminized cannabis seeds.

More Yield with Feminized Cannabis Seeds

By growing with feminized cannabis seeds you save yourself the trouble of identifying and removing male plants in time to prevent unwanted pollination. Because all plants you grow are female rather than half, with feminized cannabis seeds you always have 50% more yield than with regular seeds!

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