Date Ideas for Romantic Stoners

Using cannabis, as you probably know, can be tremendous fun. Although it really is better to use it with others rather than alone. This doesn't mean you need to consume it in large groups though, in fact, using marijuana as a couple can really help make dating experiences more fun. Here are 10 date ideas for all you marijuana lovers out there:

Go on a nature walk

This idea is perfect for couples who love nature and being outside, although it may be a good idea to try it if you aren't so outdoorsy, cannabis can make being outside much more enjoyable. This activity will let you and your partner enjoy picturesque landscapes, while also getting some exercise in the process. If you choose to do this, though, always make sure to bring plenty of snacks and water, there's nothing worse than being stoned with no way to get rid of the munchies or cottonmouth.

Have sex high

Being stoned is, in fact, one of the best times to get intimate as a couple as cannabis has actually been shown to increase sex drive. You don't even need to be high to use cannabis in the bedroom thanks to the discovery of cannabis lube. According to people who have tried it, it has opened up a whole new world of sexual pleasure. If you are planning to get high before sex though, make sure you don't smoke too much. Some people report that it can make things a little awkward. Also, keep in mind that consent is absolutely key to any intimate experience.

Go to a planetarium

The planetarium is awesome to visit sober, never mind high. But smoking weed is often said to get people philosophical and thinking about the universe, so why not go and watch the universe while you become one with it? Also, being under the (digital) stars with your lover could be a really beautiful and romantic experience, especially if you live someplace where it's hard to see the real thing.

Do some yoga together

Yoga is an incredibly therapeutic practice that comes with all kinds of benefits for your body and mind. Yoga is a very soothing activity and is often reported to induce out-of-body experiences if done correctly, so why not try pairing it with your favorite herb variety and see what happens? Sharing a spiritual experience by doing this as a couple could help to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Sit on the couch

For whatever reason, perhaps money or location, some people prefer more casual dates and there is nothing more casual than staying home. If you and your date are on the lazier side, or even just want to stay in for one night, then cannabis could really help to enhance the experience. Order some food, stick on a movie, and light up a joint, I promise you'll have all kinds of fun, and who knows where it might lead!