CBD or THC, which is better?

THC (which makes you high) and CBD are the powerful couple in cannabis. These two are known to work together and reinforce each other regarding medical properties.

THC has pain soothing properties but also causes a high and that is not always desirable. It is cannabidiol (CBD) that reduces the psychoactive properties of THC. So if a cannabis strain contains both components, the result will be the best of both worlds.

CBD lowers the psychoactive properties of THC

When both compounds are present in sufficient quantities in the same cannabis strain or in the same marijuana product, CBD will ensure that the THC level is lowered. The result is that you feel relaxed, but it is not intoxicating.

If there is a lot of CBD in a cannabis product, this increases the possibilities in the medical field. It ensures that the effects of THC, if present in the same product, have a different effect.

What is the best way to use CBD?

The most important thing about using CBD-rich cannabis is determining the correct dosage. And that is usually not that simple, because there are no levels determined how much you should take with a certain ailment. Moreover, the use of CBD has a different effect on everyone.

Many patients who use cannabis for medical purposes prefer not to smoke marijuana. After all, breathing in the smoke from burned cannabis (through a joint) can damage the lungs. Most patients prefer products that you do not have to inhale such as CBD oil or other cannabis oil concentrates.

It is also possible to grow your own medicine with medical cannabis seeds

There are many CBD-rich cannabis products on the market. In addition, it is also possible to grow your own medicine with medical cannabis seeds. The advantage of this is that you know exactly what you get, since you produce (grow) it all by yourself.

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