Cannabis nicknames

This article is not about the effects of cannabis. We are not going to talk about THC and all the those different cannabis strains. We are even not talking about the miracle called CBD that is present everywhere and in everything today.

What we are going to talk about is all those different aliases and creative nicknames for cannabis. Because cannabis, marijuana, pot, joint, Mary Jane and blunt are names that you hear a lot, but there are many more cool nicknames.

According to insiders, there are more than 1000 terms that have taken their own place in cannabis culture. Some are literally synonymous for cannabis, and others are terms that are somehow related to the herb. So, let's go!


420 is a well-known street name. This number is globally associated with cannabis. 420 also refers to 'Weed Day', a day (every year on the 20th of April ) on which the use of cannabis is celebrated.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a term used to refer to top quality Mexican weed.


Another term for very good quality weed: bait. Because if you have your hands on topshelf weed, you just won't let go.


You use the word 'Airplane' when you smoke a fantastic joint and you feel like you're taking off!


Alice is of course a reference to Alice in Wonderland and the fantasy world that cannabis can also cause thanks to its psychoactive effects.

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