Cannabis and companion plants, how to make them grow

You spend a lot of time growing your marijuana plants. So you don't want plant diseases to threaten your beautiful plants or even destroy your entire harvest. Use companion plants to keep your cannabis plants safe!

But how can you ensure that bugs do not attack your beautiful plants? There are quite a few ways for that. For example, have you ever visited a vineyard? And did you notice that there are rose bushes on the edges of the rows of vines? Well, they are not just there because they are beautiful. It is a trick that has been used for a long time to stop insects. The rose bushes stop insects that would otherwise attack the grapes.

Protect your cannabis plants

You can also protect your cannabis plants in the same way. This technique, in which another plant is used to protect marijuana plants, is nicknamed 'companion plants'. For example, if you plant naturally-repelling plants such as marigold geraniums, you prevent leaf-eating insects and worms from destroying your precious pot crop. But there are more companion plants that help you protect your cannabis plants. Below you will find a list.


Basil's strong scent is known to keep away thrips, beetles, aphids, and flies. There are even growers who claim that Basil benefits the taste of marijuana plants. And hey, you can use it anyway in your Italian dishes ;-).


Beans absorb nitrogen from the air. They are in the soil like nitrite, chemicals that are very important for the growth of cannabis plants.


Garlic helps in the defense against pests and fungi. It is a fantastic plant that helps your marijuana plant to defend against invaders.


Mint smells delicious! But all kinds of intruders think differently about that. Mint also helps mask the strong scent of cannabis plants by the way. Handy, if you don't want everyone to know that you grow weed!

Chili peppers

Last but not least: chilies. Chilli peppers are said to give off certain chemicals that protect weed plants from rotting.

You see, there are plenty of ways to protect your precious cannabis plants against all kinds of invaders. And that is possible with companion plants in a very easy and natural way.

Do you use companion plants to protect your weed plants? Share your experiences in the comments below. Happy growing!