Try Candy Kush marijuana for pain relief

If you are battling chronic pain then help is on the way with the Candy Kush strain. This new strain on the market is a mix of two classics: OG Kush and Medijuana. The OG Kush strain is world renowned for its incredibly powerful medicinal qualities. The Medijuana strain says it in its name; it’s bred for medicinal properties. It is known as one of the most powerful medical cannabis strains. These two effectively combine to give you the ultimate pain relieving strain: Candy Kush.

Cannabinoids are what every medical smoker can thank for their relief when consuming marijuana. Candy Kush is packed with the cannabinoids that fight pain. It has up to 23% THC, the mighty cannabinoid that binds to the receptors in your brain causing the release of dopamine. This will give you a sense of well-being and euphoria. Studies have shown that dopamine has a significant effect on chronic pain.

The pain relieving qualities of Candy Kush marijuana doesn’t stop there

It has an impressive portfolio of terpenes, the essential oils that enhance your “high” from marijuana and hold numerous medical benefits. Some of the terpenes that can be found in Candy Kush that all have pain relieving or anti-inflammatory properties include Caryophyllene, Humulene, and Limonene. These terpenoids work with the cannabinoids like THC to produce a synergistic effect that is pain-numbing and health-promoting.

When you smoke Candy Kush you will feel the pain fade away with every toke you take. Feelings of euphoria will rush to your brain and you can rest assured that you will get a good night’s rest. Those suffering from chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, extreme stress, insomnia, and mood disorders have been known to turn to Candy Kush for relief. Start growing Candy Kush marijuana to ease your discomfort.

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