Marijuana Plants

Studies demonstrate that marijuana have a lot of positive effects as treatment in mainstream science and medicine. Everyday we are finding more and more possibilities of medical uses. They're even more potent that was first suspected. We will look at many ways that marijuana could help in the medical world.

The endocannabinoid system

This system is present in our whole system, this is a network of cell receptors and corresponding molecules that exist throughout the body. it's made up two different kinds of receptors which are the CB1 in the CB2 receptors. The first one is located on the brain and the other kind of receptors are commonly found in the immune system. This receptors have a wide array of function like sleep, mood, motor control, pain, memory, and immune responses.

Reduces inflammation

Perhaps this is the most well-known of the effects of marijuana, it's so potent that even pro athletes have turned to the powerful healing factors of medical cannabis products. For example CBD oil is used to combat pain and devastation inflicted on the bodies during this training or competitions. CBD has proven to be very effective treatment to this. CBD can be used to treat skin diseases the effect of CBD rises the serotonin levels in the body that can also be used to counteract negative psychological effects and the stress.

Stops the development of cancer 

Rodents were given an injection of pure CBD and they were less likely to develop colon cancer even after being induced with the disease. Obviously, this is in a developmental phase but the potential can be monumental.

Eases digestion

As we were saying the endocannabinoid system is responsible for digestion and the receptors respond exceptionally when medical cannabis is introduced. Perhaps this is responsible for the munchies.

Heart diseases

One NOT very well known effect of medical cannabis is the potential for heart disease problems. Small doses of THC are able to relax and also widen the blood vessels.  This is probably best demonstrated in the redness of the eyes of people who regularly smoke marijuana.

Slows down aging

In the University of Bonn and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem new information has been found that confirming that naturally fading cognitive abilities in the later years might no longer need to be the case. Using mices As test subjects, they experimented on them by giving them the small doses of THC. They found that the older mice showed brain function similar to the two month old group. This could mean something big for Alzheimer's or Parkinson's treatment.

The value of my medical cannabis is becoming more and more palpable with the undeniable evidence that scientists are discovering. We hope we will see a bright future ahead.