High vs Drunk

The question of being high vs being drunk has been in these streets for a long time yet; many people are still struggling to know what is better.

Being drunk vs being high

First, it is important to know that being drunk vs being high is a matter that deals with two different yet related things – weed and alcohol. Each of the two has its own effects on the user. You can be either high or drunk. Nonetheless, it is important to know the difference between being high and being drunk.

Therefore, if you are seeking to know what being drunk versus being high is, let's discuss the details here:

For a better understanding of being drunk vs being high, I decided to give this write-up a flexible approach. In other words, you will know why it is better to take weed and be high than to drink alcohol and get drunk.

1. Being high is good for the brain

The public assumes that weed affects the brain. The contrary is true. In fact, overuse of alcohol or drunkenness spoils one's brain completely.

In his article, Psychology Today, Dr. Gary L. Wenk says, "Binge drinkers lose heavily when it comes to neurogenesis but a weed smoker gains in the same process."

What did Dr. Gary want to say? His message was clear. Dr. Gary said that even if a binger drinker stopped today, the process of generating new brain cells would have died a long time ago. Smoking weed, on the other hand, helps in the activation of more brain cells; thus, the opposite is true – better to be high than to be drunk.

2. Alcohol leads to violent acts and injuries

This point does not need much explanation. Drunkenness is the number one reason for many road accidents in the world. People who operate heavy pieces of machinery are asked not to drink before operating machines because employers know the effect.

Drinking alcohol impairs judgment, and the result is acts of violence and uncountable injuries. 

According to a recent study by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, over 36% and 21% of assaults and injuries, respectively, are associated with alcohol use. The same study points out that it is rare to find injuries and acts of violence that are related directly to weed use.

Briefly, weed smokers are peaceful, and happy, and lack the energy to assault or even injure someone compared to drunks.

3. Alcohol-related death toll keeps rising

Alcoholism Solutions reports that approximately 50,000 patients in the United States are taken to hospital every year for alcohol-related poisoning. In the United States, more than six people died every day from alcohol-related poisoning between 2011 and 2012.

Things are not different in other parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, for instance, the number of underage alcohol-related cases has risen by 20% in the past ten years. 

When looking at that report, have you seen what it says about weed? Interestingly, you don't expect to see a surge in the number of deaths associated with the use of weed or being high for that matter. 

Smoking weed does not kill. The effects of being high are minimal compared to being drunk.

4. Being drunk can lead to chronic illnesses

That is a fact. Alcohol abuse has been named among the major causes of several chronic illnesses. Take, for instance, the surge in incurable diseases that once they affect you, chances are survival is almost none. I'm talking about breast cancer, liver cancer, cancer of the colon, ischaemic disease, epilepsy, and others.

Although the aforementioned terminal conditions can befall non-drunks, you can agree with me that most of those who are affected by these irreversible conditions are those who opt to be drunk than remain high.

Overindulgence in weed may indeed lead to some of those conditions, but the truth is the percentage is meager. In fact, only lung cancer has been adversely mentioned when it comes to smoking. Besides, doctors who query lung cancer do so in the case of tobacco, not weed.

5. Drunkenness leads to obesity

No doubt about that. I believe you have read our reviews on several marijuana strains reviews. One thing that stands out in those reviews is that smoking weed usually makes one full. In other words, once you smoke weed, you are most likely not going to eat because one of the major side effects of marijuana is a loss of appetite.

On the other hand, overuse of alcohol, which coincidentally leads to drunkenness, results in an increase in body weight. Alcohol contains calories, and continued use of calories without proper nutrition leads to the formation of adipose tissue, which ends in obesity.

Final thoughts

After reading this, do you still hold to the thought that drunk vs high is the right course of action? Never should that be! Weed indeed has its own predicaments, but from what we have seen, it is fair to be high because of weed than to be drunk for taking a lot of alcohol.