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Amsterdam and cannabis have a rich history intertwined with passion, freedom, and progress. As a funny, passionate marijuana grower from Amsterdam who smokes occasionally, let me take you on a unique and friendly journey through the captivating story of cannabis in this vibrant city.

Back in 1913, cannabis was criminalized in the Netherlands, following a global trend of drug regulation in its early stages. However, it was in the 1960s that a cultural movement began, fueled by the hippie culture that made its way to Amsterdam. Drug-related violations surged, pushing the government to rethink its approach.

The 1970s marked a turning point as restrictions on cannabis started to loosen. The government shifted its focus from cannabis to harder drugs due to the increasing heroin addiction. Coffeeshops emerged as a new cultural model, with the first one, Mellow Yellow, opening its doors in 1972. The Opium Law was revised in 1976, differentiating between cannabis products and substances with higher health risks.

Westerkerk Amsterdam

The 1990s brought about specific regulations for coffeeshops, ensuring compliance and monitoring. Meanwhile, in 2003, medicinal cannabis access was granted through pharmacies, requiring a medical card prescribed by a doctor.

In a humorous attempt in 2006, Amsterdam implemented "no smoking" signs in certain areas, which ironically became collector's items as they were constantly stolen. The city responded by offering the signs for sale online, with proceeds going to a worthy cause.

In 2012, the Wietpas was introduced, limiting coffeeshop access to locals only. However, this measure was short-lived and later abolished. In 2014, the Joint regulation manifest was launched, advocating for a different approach to drug regulation, but it faced challenges from the Ministry of Justice.

Amsterdam continues its cannabis journey, with the ongoing Wietproef experiment in 10 municipalities, exploring the sale of cannabis from legal growers. While progress is still needed, we cherish what we have and the passion that drives us.

One notable figure in Amsterdam's cannabis scene is Wernard Bruining, who founded Mellow Yellow and now leads Stichting Mediwiet, dedicated to THC oil creation. This dedication and passion are emblematic of Amsterdam's cannabis culture.

Stay tuned as we uncover more stories about the pioneers of the Amsterdam cannabis industry and the unique quality of seeds produced by our Dutch Seed Company.

Come and be part of Amsterdam's cannabis journey, where history, freedom, and progress merge into an unforgettable experience. Join us in celebrating the love for cannabis in this iconic city!