Healthy Snacks for Stoners

Habitual cannabis users know many things that those who smoke weed occasionally don’t get to know. In fact, they deserve to know many things based on the level of experience they may have because of the time they have used marijuana.

What do you do when marijuana takes a toll on you? Does it help to chew a few gums such as mint balls? Do you drink lots of water, take candies, or even spend many hours sleeping we recommend these healthy snacks for your munchies.

1. Fruit smoothies

Wherever you go, nutritionists will recommend taking as many fruits as you can. In this case, you do not necessarily have to be a stoner. Fruit smoothies are the number one healthy snack for stoners and are suitable for anyone’s health. Apart from being nutritious, fruit smoothies contain the nutritional value that is needed by your teeth and body in general.

Fruits contain vitamins, proteins, and fiber. The sugar inside many fruits can help you get the energy needed to fight the contents of many marijuana strains.

2. Carrots and hummus

Many stoners suffer from hunger after smoking cannabis. However, a mixture of some baby carrots, as well as a dip of hummus, will help fill the seemingly empty stomach. The result is a balanced intake of the strain as well as supplying your body with the needed nutrients.

3. Breakfast cereals

When talking about healthy snacks for stoners, it is unlikely that one cannot mention a substantial breakfast filled with cereals. When cereals are taken in the morning, the likelihood of them bloating your stomach is minimal, compared to when they are taken at night when you are about to sleep.

When choosing healthy snacks for stoners, especially cereals, settle on those that are rich in fiber. For additional benefits, you can add fruit or nuts to the cereals.

4. Beef jerky

Beef jerkies are among the few healthy snacks for munchies that are highly rich in proteins but extremely low in fats. Many of those who’ve used beef jerky say it tops the list of healthy snacks for munchies.

If you consider taking beef jerky as a group, carry as much as you can because stoners find it sweet.

5. Cashew nuts

Everyone loves cashews. I do too. While taking cashews with tea or coffee is always the norm, there is no harm in eating them alone. In fact, when taken alone, cashews can boost your energy levels in readiness for your marijuana intake.

Besides, cashews are the only healthy stoner snacks that give your body magnesium and iron.

6. Protein bars

Protein bars are delicious especially when you are using a marijuana strain whose negative effect is a loss of appetite. As such, protein bars are listed among the few healthy stoner snacks recommended for those who skip meals.

They have enough nutrients, such as vitamins and proteins, that can substitute for a whole meal. If you can make yourself a protein bar, you will save a lot of money. But if you cannot, there is no harm in purchasing protein bars from a shop or a café close to you.

7. Instant oatmeal

Oatmeal contains high levels of fiber. Because of the fiber levels in oatmeal, many stoners consider it one of the best healthy snacks for weed munchies. To get the best out of oatmeal, you can add some nuts, a few berries, and banana slices.

8. Peanut butter with jelly sandwich

Natural peanut butter does not have any preservatives, additives, or spices. When taken naturally, peanut butter is one of the healthy weed munchies you can trust. It consists of nothing else other than proteins.

For it to be a perfect health snack for habitual marijuana users, you need to add to it a few other ingredients. A jelly sandwich is perhaps the easiest that blends with peanut butter. You can either buy jelly in a jar or make your own.

If you decide on the latter, then you can crush some raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries between the slices of bread.

Honorable mentions

We have a couple that we want to recommend but did not make the top list, not because of the taste but because they take more time to make. We can all agree that when you get the munchies you want to munch right away, not wait.

Frozen banana slices

Banana is a versatile fruit. When mashed, bananas have more fiber than other available ingredients. However, when sliced, frozen, and made into juice, the fruit turns out to be one of the best remedies for starving stoners.

To make a nice frozen banana slice, you need to select from among your bananas, those which are about to overripe. Let the slices stay in a refrigerator overnight. In the morning, you can decide to eat the banana slices as they are.

What if you feel overly stoned? You can put your stoning to an end by adding Nutella chocolate to the slices. Alternatively, you can cover the banana slices with chocolate syrup. That alone will have transformed the frozen banana slice from a simple morning snack to a nutritious breakfast for a stoner like you.

Nutella chocolate waffles

The other healthy snacks for weed munchies are a combination of Nutella chocolate and waffles. The low-profile combination is for stoners who may not have enough money to try other healthy weed munchies on this list but want to stay healthy.

You can also mix the chocolate with some crepes and banana slices for your belly to be full as well as get some energy and sugars in the body.

Although low-profile and cheaper, wheat waffles are rich in fiber and protein. Nutella chocolate, on the other hand, comes in with an aphrodisiac and antioxidant. Taking the two alone makes you energetic, horny, and healthy.


You do not have to be a hungry stoner anymore. With the 10 healthy snacks for marijuana stoners at your fingertips, you can choose which does you more good than harm. Once you find your preferred snack, make it a staple. Occasionally, you can change into something delicate yet healthy.