If you look around on the internet and social media you see all these beautiful pictures of weed plants. From amazing close ups to breathtaking colors, it looks like every weed grower is also a professional photographer! How do they do that? How do they get their plants to be so picture perfect? In this article we will give you all sorts of useful photography tips so that your plants also shine on Instagram

How to capture weed plants

When photographing your cannabis plants, light is very important. You need light to grow your plants, but for beautiful photos you also need sufficient and good light! You often see photos from very close by, these are macro photos. These are made with special macro lenses that you can place on your camera. Some cameras already have a macro setting, so you don't have to buy a special lens.

Cannabis plants are very beautiful, we don't have to convince you as a cannabis lover. Weed plants have beautiful colors, shapes and sizes. In terms of photography, it is a very rewarding subject, you can really put your creativity into it. You can vary endlessly with backgrounds and angles from where you take your photos. Whether you just take your photos for yourself, or to show them to other cannabis enthusiasts, you can spend hours working on them. Everything for the perfect photo! So read on quickly and check the tips in this article. Then you will be able to take awesome weed photos in no time.

The camera