Nutrients are a very important part of the entire growing process of your weed plant. Good soil with sufficient nutrients forms the basis of a good harvest. After all, your plant gets almost everything it needs out of the ground. All weed plants need certain amounts of macro and micronutrients throughout their entire life cycle. Check this article to find out what nutrients your cannabis plants need in which phase.

The seedling stage of your weed plant

weed grower holding rich soil

Marijuana seedlings have few wishes. They can take very good care of themselves. You can best start with rock wool or a light earth mix. These grow mediums are great to start with because they usually contain enough nutrients. The only thing you have to take care of is that you give enough water.

With special hydro-seedlings it is different. In that case, you have to give a microdose of nutrients or specific seedling fertilizers from the start. From the moment the germination process has started, about 10 to 25% of nutrients are required to maximize strength. Mycorrhizae and enzymes that cause root formation are most effective if these are added early in the growth process. Do you want to give your baby plants a head start? Give extra attention to the development of strong roots.

The growth phase of your weed plant

You have probably heard of the letters N-P-K. These are the 3 basic macronutrients that every weed plant needs. N stands for nitrogen, P for phosphorus, and K for potassium. These three are the N-P-K ratio you also see on the packaging of plant fertilizer. Just check the packaging of the product, it is definitely on it somewhere. These 3 compose complete fertilizers your weed plant needs.

Basic nutrients with a lot of Nitrogen and little Phosphorus and K (potassium) are exactly what cannabis plants need at the early stage of their life cycle. Most fertilizer brands have a 1, 2, or 3 part ratio. Overall, when you grow cannabis, you should be as close to the 2: 1: 1 ratio. However, all weed strains are different. Some prefer a slightly adjusted ratio. Look carefully at what happens after feeding. Pay extra attention when you grow a certain weed strain for the first time. Increase the dose of basic nutrients for the growing period step by step as the plants get bigger and develop.

The flowering period of your weed plant

When your cannabis plant changes, and transfers from the growing to the flowering period, the need for nutrients changes. During the flowering period, weed no longer needs Nitrogen. Therefore, the N-P-K ratio needs to be adjusted again by the grower. 1-2-2 is a better ratio because your plant needs more quantities so that it can concentrate on producing the buds. As mentioned before, no weed strain is the same. Some strains require a further adjustment of the N-P-K ratio, which makes them develop better.

Be aware that too much Natrium slows the flowering process. The amount of N needs to be stopped step by step, while the amount of Phosphorus and K (potassium) is slowly increased. The fertilizer packaging often says how much you should give in which growth phase. Moreover, you will also find a growth schedule on our website in which you can read how much fertilizer you should give to your weed plant in which phase. If you stick to the prescribed quantities, everything will be fine! Happy growing!