The marijuana industry is growing and is estimated to be worth billions. One of the trends fueled by the enormous growth is the microdosing of weed - a phenomenon where cannabis users take small amounts of THC.

In terms of microdosing cannabis, users usually consume about 5 to 10 milligrams of THC. The amount depends on how much THC is appropriate for them to experience all the desired effects of the herb.

The idea of microdosing is based on a minimal effective dosage. This idea comes from ​​the pharmaceutical industry, so that patients can be treated without side effects.


For many cannabis users, there just can't be too much THC in their grass. But newbies often feel anxious and sometimes even nauseous. Microdosing could be a way to use weed without these problems. Even in a non-medical way, people are looking for small amounts of cannabis to get creative and relax. Microdosing is about the benefits of weed, but without the downsides.


Microdosing weed is simple and requires less expertise. You can simply consume the weed strain that suits you with a microdose by doing what you normally do, only now you consume less.

So, if you smoke a joint, then only take a few hits and leave it. Similarly, if you take an edible, try to eat half of the usual amount. A micro dose is about consuming marijuana in small quantities.