The growing season is upon us. Now is the time to shop for new seeds before it's too late to plant those babies outdoors. At this point, you may be questioning which seeds are best for your climate. Sativa, Indica, or what type of cannabis should you plant, that will prosper best where you live?

Become familiarized with the climate

You should become familiarized with the climate you plan on growing in. Not just from living in it but learning about the yearly average temperatures and weather patterns. You will be playing weather person for the growing season so you need to predict wisely what climate you will be dealing with. The temperature, exposure to sunlight, seasonal changes, and altitude all play a significant role in your marijuana plant's life cycle.

Indica Sativa Worldmap

Different strains

Because different strains prosper best in particular climates, it wouldn't be smart to plant a seed that grows best in cooler regions if you live in sunny Florida. Different strains of cannabis evolved in various regions all over the world and they have distinct physical features that show which area they came from. For instance, strains that evolved from tropical areas have smaller leaves and many flowers. If a strain originated from the Middle East or from Central Asia it will have bigger leaves with very dense buds.

Intensity of sunlight

One of the main reasons behind the evolution of strains is the amount and intensity of sunlight the plant receives. A plant that doesn't get a lot of sunlight will have larger leaves so that it has more surface area to absorb as much sunlight as possible. If a cannabis strain has small leaves, then it's most likely from an area that receives plenty of intense and steady sunlight, and it doesn't need leaves with a large surface area to absorb extra sunlight.

Hours Sunlight For Cannabis

Leaf size

You may think that leaf size won't make much of a difference in your harvest, but if a plant gets what it needs, such as enough sunshine, it will flourish best. If you live in a region with weak sunlight or where it rains often, then you will want to choose a type of marijuana that has a larger leaf size so that it can get enough sunlight to produce big buds for you.

Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids all flourish best in their own, different regions as they all have unique physical features that allow them to cope in various climates. Indica cannabis strains originated in areas around Morocco, Tibet, Kashmir, and Afghanistan. They are usually shorter plants than Sativas, growing around 3 to 6 feet tall; this makes them a popular choice to grow indoors. Their leaves are broad, sometimes with a marble pattern, and they have dense foliage. 

Because Indicas have a shorter growing season than Sativas, they are perfect to grow in areas that have short summers. So, if by springtime the ground in your area is still frozen, then an Indica strain may be the type of strain you should go for. Since it grows in a shorter amount of time it doesn't need a long summer to fully mature.

Indica Sativa Hybrid

Sativa strains vary greatly from Indicas. They originated from tropical places like Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico. Although they come from the tropics, many Sativa strains can also flourish in cold temperatures if they get everything they need, like nutrition, sunlight, and a grower's love. They grow tall and slender, easily reaching between 8 to 12 feet tall. Their leaves are thin and narrowly shaped and lack patterns. You can guess that with its thin-shaped leaves that this strain needs more sunlight than an Indica.

Most seeds nowadays are hybrids, a mix between Sativa and Indica. Each hybrid will have characteristics of both strains and is unique in which qualities shine the brightest. You can figure out whether your plant is dominantly Indica or Sativa by looking at the leaves. If the plant's finger leaves are thin then it's dominantly a Sativa, however, if it has wide finger leaves it is mostly an Indica.

It's possible that your personal smoking preference is that you like how Sativas make you feel, but you don't have a very long summer where you live. In these kinds of cases choose a Sativa/Indica hybrid that cuts down on growing time, but still obtains characteristics of the Sativa high when smoked.

Temperate climate

If you live in a temperate climate like in the Northern part of the USA, Eastern Canada, Northern Europe, or Southeast Australia, then look into seeds like Purple Power, Lemon Ice, Light of Jah, or Happy Outdoor Mix.

Dry climate

There are some strains that can even grow well in dry climates like in the Southwest parts of the USA, many continents of Africa, and central Australia. These are Durban Poison and Haze.

Cold climate

If you live in a cold climate where there can be a significant difference in the minimum and maximum temperature in 1 day, like in some places in Northern Europe and Canada, then strains like Early Misty, Purple Power, Lemon Ice, and Happy Outdoor Mix could work for you.

Tropical climate

Tropical climates are great for growing marijuana, and there are many strains that grow easily in these regions. Just to name a few: Light of Jah, Waikiki Queen, Strawberry Ice, and California Skunk will all flourish in the tropics.

What seeds do you want?

Did I inspire you to make a good decision on what seed you want? Go for it! See how well you can make the best of your particular climate and region and start making your own perfect plant.

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.