Growing marijuana is a process that takes skill and great care, especially if you want to grow big, healthy plants. One way to increase the size of your marijuana buds is by using fertilizers – you can make your own, or buy some from a trusted retailer. 

One way to increase the size of your marijuana buds is by using fertilizers

Flower Power Fertilizers is ready-made, easy to use plant food and it has a long history of success when it comes to feeding plants what they need. With them, most of the work has already been done and all you need to do is mix it and follow instructions.

Not all fertilizers need to be bought though, in fact, most people can make it all by themselves right at home. This brings me to my next fertilizer – urine. Remember that Cheech and Chong scene where Chong suggested to Cheech piss on his plants when they weren’t looking so great? There is actually some science behind this seemingly useless comment. Nitrogen can boost stem and leaf production and is integral to the growth of the plant, especially during warmer months. Human urine is actually largely made up of nitrogen urea, and it has helped make cannabis plants dense with leaves for a long time. Of course, please don’t urinate on plants or even anywhere near a plant – this will probably kill it on site. Instead, mix it with water or with a commercial fertilizer in order to dilute the urine and counteract toxic ammonia. 

Nitrogen can boost stem and leaf

Talking of commercial fertilizers, Vermiculite and Perlite are two of the best on the market. These are pellet-type fertilizers that are heated up, making the minerals become porous. The end result can absorb water up to four times their own weight in water. These minerals provide calcium, magnesium, and potassium which all help to enrich and nourish the soil, which in turn nourishes the plant. For hydroponic growing, these fertilizers are used in a highly concentrated recipe of fifty percent fertilizer – the other fifty being a combination of water and moss. This makes it really difficult to over-fertilize, making them easy to use. 

An eco-friendlier approach to fertilizing your weed

An eco-friendlier approach to fertilizing your weed is to compost using organic products – this could be kitchen waste or animal waste. Organic waste rots into the soil and the product's original nutrients are merged with the soil when this happens. This method is really useful because it can be used in almost any environment and so whether it’s in your house or outside of it, composting reduces contributions to landfills and generally provides an endless supply of good quality soul. 

There are, of course, lots of different ways to help nourish your plants and help them to grow to their full potential. Just make sure you choose which method is right for you, and if it's environmentally friendly then you get the comfort of knowing you're helping the planet a little bit too.