What does legalization and commercialization do to cannabis? Watch this TedTalk in which Ben Cort explains the often unseen consequences of the commercial cannabis industry.

TedTalk in which Ben Cort questiones the commercial cannabis industry

Cannabis industry is worth billions

It was in 2012 that Colorado legalized cannabis. Soon more states in the US followed and in quick succession cannabis grew into an industry that involves billions. From concentrates, cosmetic products to vapes and all kinds of edibles. Cannabis is added to products in every possible way.

Cannabis products on the market are unnaturally powerfull

But to say that we have legalized cannabis is subtly misleading. Because what we really did is to sell commercialized THC on a large scale, says educator Ben Cort. As a result, there are hundreds of products on the market that are unnaturally powerful.

In this TedTalk, Ben Cort exposes the often unseen consequences of the commercial cannabis industry. He calls on us - and those who earn big money in the cannabis industry - to think about the consequences and to wonder where this leads to.

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