A thing that people are worried about nowadays (and for good reasons) is which method of cannabis use is the healthiest. Read this article to find out which method works best for you. Check our our online seed bank, if you are interested to buy marijuana seeds. We ship worldwide and offer only the very best marijuana genetics.

Dabbing versus vaping

A lot of cannabis users swear that dabbing is healthier than vaping. But on the other side, you have the opposite amount of people that will bet that vaping is safer than dabbing. (And of course, there is the unshakable amount of weed users that claims nothing is better or healthier than good old-fashioned smoking).

The truth is that the actual technique of vaping is a bit healthier than dabbing because it offers less chance to inhale charred substances.

Which is healthier, dabbing or vaping?

Dabbing requires very high temperatures. Even if you are extremely careful, you will probably burn some of the concentrates and breathe it in along with the vapor. But if you use a vape, all you inhale are the active cannabinoids extracted from the carrier oil.

However, this should be taken with a large grain of salt, since the e-liquids used with vaping are much more dangerous (because of the way they are produced) than pure dab concentrates (such as waxes or shatter), even though the actual vaping is healthier than taking dabs.

Vaping liquids (usually sold in cartridges) must have the perfect viscosity to be vaporized in a vape pen. That is, they have much more "liquid" than pure cannabis concentrate. If you have ever made a concentrate like BHO wax, you know it is a sticky substance and not as clean as a vaping liquid.

Liquids for vape pens