Cannabis is much stronger nowadays than the Woodstock weed from generations ago. How come weed now is much stronger than before? Read on and find out. Interested in buying cannabis seeds? Go and check out our seed bank full of high-quality weed seeds from Amsterdam.

Weed in the sixties and seventies

World travelers and soldiers from the Vietnam war who returned to their home country brought very powerful Thai Stick and hashish. We are talking about the 60s and 70s here. These extremely powerful forms of weed correspond to what is available today. But these were exceptions, weed (just regular weed) was generally much less powerful at that time than it is now.

Cloning, hybridizing and manipulating the genetics

Botanical science has improved a lot in the last 40 years. Master growers were successful in cloning, hybridizing and manipulating the genetics of weed species to get stronger plants.

Is weed nowadays more powerful?