How To Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Are you a new cannabis grower and are perhaps wondering how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors or even how to grow autoflowers indoors, consider this write-up the ultimate guide. After reading this guide through to the end, you will not only know how to grow autoflower marijuana but also how you can take care of your autoflowering weed for better yield.

One of the most important aspects of autoflowering marijuana strains is that this type of weed does not rely on a particular lighting cycle for the seeds to germinate. Besides, the plants do not need a lot of attention whether they are at the tender age or when they have put on some branches and leaves.

Like their friends Cannabis ruderalis, autoflowering marijuana strains are gaining a lot of traction. Today, what appeared to be hard to fathom is a strain many growers are yearning to cultivate. With that intro, it is time to get to the clearer understanding of this phenomenon strain.

What is Autoflowering Marijuana Strain?

The term ‘autoflowering’ first came into the light in the early 1920s when a Russian botanist crossed two rare marijuana strains.D.E. Janischewsky wanted a marijuana strain that was somewhat independent. For many years, he sort to find a marijuana strain that would not depend on the conventional weather pattern to grow.

In order to find that strain, Janischewsky crossed ruderalis strains and those with either sativa or indica variety. The result was a marijuana plant that grows and flowers without your necessary attention. 

Unlike regular plants, autoflowering plants do not need specific signals. In fact, regular plants must wait until the receive specific signals, maybe from the sun, something that will tell the plants that they are approaching cold or winter season. This means regular plants need a certain programmed pattern of light for them to grow to maturity.

Autoflowering plants on the other hand, don’t need any signal to grow leaves, flowers, branches, buds, or even shed. They can do this whether it is cold or hot.

As such, the name autoflowering suggests the mode of flowering – automatic. These marijuana strains start to flower within a few days or weeks even when there is no signal from the sun. The weed strain does not wait to be induced or be directed by a particular light cycle.

In addition, autoflowering marijuana strains start to produce buds the moment they are ready whereas regular strains need an inducement, majorly from the change of the lighting pattern. 

Critics argue that regular or photoperiod marijuana strains have a higher potency and yield, autoflowering plants grown with expert tips in place are also showing extremely good results.

In addition, thanks to advanced breeding techniques, it is very possible to have higher yield compared to certain photoperiod strains. Besides, there have been reports of some growers having autoflowering marijuana strain, grown either indoors or outdoors but with high THC levels, something no one could think about a few years ago.

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How To Grow Autoflower Marijuana

Whether you are struggling to know how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors or it is about how to grow autoflowers indoors, be assured that you will not miss a think. 

The first thing you will need to ensure when growing autoflowering cannabis strains is support. Yes, whether you are doing your cultivation outdoors or indoors, you must ensure there is sufficient support. autoflowering strains are feeble compared to regular photoperiod marijuana strains. Nonetheless, it does not mean the strains aren’t right for cultivation.

When grown indoors, autoflowering marijuana strains will ideally need artificial light. This is not a contradiction with what we mentioned early. On the contrary! Like any other plant, autoflowering strains need light. The only contrast is this strain of marijuana does not follow a specific lighting pattern for it to start flowering, branching, and even introducing buds.

Germination of your autoflowering seeds is key. When doing so, you might want to follow the traditional and conventional way. Grow the seeds directly into the soil and upon germination, you will then transfer them to your indoor structure or greenhouse.

Alternatively, you can use a medium such as a pot or paper towel for germination. Whatever the medium you use, ensure the soil has proper nutrients for quicker germination and a stronger and healthy plant especially during its tender age.

Generally, dry autoflowering marijuana seeds will take approximately 4 days to sprout though older seeds may take up to 7 days.

When the seeds have sprouted, transfer them to their permanent place. Make sure you don’t touch the roots. 

If you transplanted the seedlings carefully, you do not need to worry. Now relax as you wait for your marijuana strain to produce flowers. 

PS. Cutting of autoflowering marijuana is not a recommendation because no one is sure when the flowering will take place. Besides, autoflowering marijuana plants grown from cuttings do not usually turn out to be the best. In fact, most of them turn out to be shorter than the parent autoflowering plants they were taken from.

How Long Do Autoflowering Marijuana Strains Take From Seed to Harvest?

Typically, an autoflower marijuana strain would take between 8 and 10 weeks to mature. However, in extreme situations, which are rare, autoflowering marijuana strain can take an extra 2 weeks thus making 12 weeks. 

Because of their shorter maturity time, many weed growers prefer to grow autoflowers to regular photoperiod strains.

Impeccable Growing Tips

If you want to get the best results from growing autoflowering marijuana, you need to follow these simple expert tips:

  • Choose strains whose maturity period is shortest.

  • Grow your weed in nutritious and airy soil.

  • It is better to grow your seeds directly into the soil.

  • Do not cut your marijuana plants.

  • Use root stimulants.

  • Use the right lighting especially when the crops are young.

  • Watch your watering pattern.

  • Try to employ the ‘sea of green’ practice.

  • Cut the nutrients at some point.

  • Monitor the pH in the soil and water.

  • Check the airflow, temperature, and humidity.

  • Never top the autoflowers.

  • Harvest gradually.

Final Thoughts

The question of how to grow autoflower marijuana is not new to many especially now that breeding techniques continue to advance. You have the basics and the ability to rear, breed, tend, and grow autoflowers indoors or outdoors. No one is expecting you to do much but you can reap good results if you use the expert tips shared herein.