As a weed grower, you always have to take precautions if you want to achieve a good harvest. Both when you grow indoors or when you grow outdoors, setbacks are to be expected. In this blog, we will talk about a threat to your cannabis plants that comes from above, namely the bird. Normally we love birds, but birds also love weed plants. And we are not at all fond of that (understatement!). Read this blog completely, because we have many tips on how you can prevent birds from stealing your precious seeds or eating your harvest.

Protecting your cannabis garden from birds

 Protecting your cannabis garden from birds

You can still have so much experience with cannabis growing, and you can have the greenest thumb of all of us, but some of the problems you encounter when you start growing weed are simply beyond your control. What threats can you expect? How about bad weather? Of course, you hope for beautiful, sunny, warm weather with lots of sunlight, but if the weather is very bad for a few weeks, this can have a major impact on your outdoor cultivation. Insects are also a tricky threat because there are many different species that live outside, and that all really like your plant. Then there may also be problems with the growing medium or the soil in which you grow. You will not be the first outdoor grower to find molehills in his garden, and moles love everything that grows in vegetable gardens, including your beloved cannabis plant. And then there are also our winged friends, the birds. Yes, threats to your plants can also come from above and not always from the ground, or close to the ground. It is of course very annoying if you have spent a lot of time on a beautiful garden with weed plants and a flock of birds discovering it. Don't get us wrong, we love birds, they are beautiful animals. But it would be nice if they would leave our gardens alone! No, of course, the birds can't help it, they are just looking for food, and a cannabis plant has a lot to offer.

There are enough ways to ensure that birds do not eat your entire garden. It is also true that birds also do good things for your garden. If they visit your grow garden, it can also be positive. How? Well, they like to eat insects, and insects can be a threat for your plants. So the more insects that are pelted by the birds, the less the chance that insects will attack your plants. On the other hand, feathered animals can also do enormous damage. What they love is the seeds of the weed plant. So read on quickly. We tell you everything you need to know to prevent these flutterers from eating everything in your garden.

Protect your growing place

In any case, it is a good idea to properly protect and secure your growing area. Weed growing is not permitted everywhere and not everyone appreciates it. So make sure you find a good place with a lot of sun, but which is a bit remote and hidden. Make sure you exclude as many risks as possible. You are not waiting for people who are unwanted to interfere with your breeding process, are you? And then you have all sorts of bugs that find cannabis plants very interesting. It would be nice if you had the option of tensioning a net, placing borders or something similar at your outdoor growing area. It's nice to have a little room to improvise if needed.

Birds love cannabis seeds

Not all birds pose a threat to your weed plants. After all, not all birds are the same and they are not all looking for the same food. Yet it is true that cannabis growers who have their plants outside are quite often bothered by birds. In fact, some birds only eat the seeds of weed plants. It is really true, they are not interested in anything else than the seeds of the plants. They don't just pick a seed, no, they only stop when everything is finished. And then there is nothing to grow next time. So it is also a fact that birds eat the seeds while the plants are growing. So that is a big problem if you are going to grow for the purpose of producing seeds. If you do not start your plants from seed, then the problem of birds can also completely pass you by. In that case, birds are not such a problem. Yet it is true that all the birds that flutter around in your area may cause some damage. So suppose you are going to grow outside for the first time, you have to take that into account.