Whoever uses weed, in whatever form, knows that it can lead to a true eating feast. The 'munchies' is a well-known phenomenon that often leads to funny situations. People eat the weirdest combinations of all kinds of snack foods and sweets when they are stoned. Sounds familiar?

But how come? What causes the effect that you suddenly feel like eating three bags of Doritos when you are stoned?


Cannabis has been proven to help with the digestion of meals. This goes through a process that increases gastrointestinal motility. People who suffer from disorders associated with eating disorders (for example with dementia, hepatitis and HIV) can have a decreased appetite. These disorders can ultimately lead to malnutrition. This is why cannabis is part of a treatment in certain cases.


THC, a substance known to be found in cannabis, can play a role in certain medical treatments to stimulate hunger effects. THC causes a response in the brain that causes the appetite to increase. But the feeling of hunger does not affect everyone.