Harvesting your cannabis plants is not only a precise job, but also the timing is very important. Because when exactly does the harvesting have to take place? If you harvest too early, it will affect the effects of the buds. Are you harvesting too late? Then all kinds of other problems arise, such as top rot or the fact that the plants are going to pollinate themselves. The correct timing when harvesting is really very important. Read on and learn all about it.

Harvesting cannabis plants

harvesting cannabis

Harvest time of is of course the most exciting moment of the entire growth cycle of your plant. That is what you did it all for, all those weeks of caring, watering, optimizing nutrients, and more. The time has finally come for it to really happen, but when exactly do you have to get started? As mentioned, harvesting too early or too late can have a major impact on how strong your flower tops are, and therefore it is very important that you know exactly when it is harvest time. In the last phase of the life cycle of your plant, a lot can still go wrong, so pay attention! To begin with, it is important that you make a plan of what you will do with your buds, what is the goal? Read on to determine exactly when you will harvest your plants.

The trichomes

How can you determine the right time to harvest your beautiful cannabis plants? Well, there are a number of methods for that. In the first place you can determine whether it is harvest time by looking very closely at the color of the trichomes. The trichomes are the small glands that are on top of a kind of small hair on the flowertops of you plants. The trichomes contain resin and that's where you can check whether the time is right. You will need a close look to view the trichomes and the resin well. You can use a magnifying glass, such a handheld magnifier is fine. What you should pay attention to is the color. Does half have a kind of amber color? And the other half a clear color? Then you can get started right away, because then it's harvest time. Determining if it is harvst time based on color, is the most reliable method there is. Not all trichomes need to have the same amber-like color, so don't wait until that is the case. If you wait until they all have that color, your buds will lose a lot of CBN and THC.

Early harvest of cannabis

It is even better to harvest a little too late than too early. If you harvest early, the flower tops have not yet fully developed and have less effect. There may be reasons to harvest a little earlier. Suppose you have discovered mold, or pests are threatening your plant, then in some cases it is better to harvest early. But actually this is more a way to protect your plant against worse things. It is also possible that the shoots of other plants grow against each other and that is not good for the plants. Then you better harvest. In itself you could harvest from the moment that buds have appeared on the plants. But if they are still very young, they are very low in cannabinoid content. Therefore, always avoid a premature harvest. Only do it if there are no other options. Just a few days early is still possible.

A too late harvest

But what happens if you harvest too late? Well, then you harvest the tops after the ideal peak moment, and then the THC content will be lower. Many growers want the highest possible THC content, so determining the right harvesting time is very important. Too early has disadvantages, and late harvesting also has disadvantages. The more mature your plant, the stronger the terpenes smell. But if you wait too long, the aroma and taste will decrease very quickly. There is also a strong difference in the high that your tops cause. With a late harvest, the high is not that inspiring and uplifting, but it brings you in a 'slow' and stoned state of being. If you were to grow a sativa strain and you would have it harvested too late, the effect would be more like an indica. There are of course also patients who actually want a high CBD level. It is therefore important for them to adjust the harvest to that situation (so a bit later, when the tops are more mature). The moment of harvesting is therefore very important and you have to decide for yourself when that moment has arrived.