Top shelf bud is the créme de la créme of what the dispensaries have in stock. It's the kind of weed that you savor every puff and you avoid wasting a single leaf. Have you ever wondered why the dispensary guys can manage to grow that level of quality cannabis but yours is at it's best just ok? The fact of the matter is that anybody can grow top-shelf weed. Top shelf weed growers don't have magical fertilizers and they don't necessarily have expensive equipment. If you follow some simple tips your next harvest could potentially be top-shelf bud.

Problems throughout its life cycle

Your plant can go through a lot in its life, anywhere from nutrient deficiencies or pest infestation, and by the end of it, you could still get a reasonably good harvest. However, in order for your bud to truly be the good stuff, it will need to avoid any major problems throughout its life cycle. Buds that have suffered from these mistakes don't deliver on having maximum potency and the buds will not look as nice. The best way to avoid those mistakes is to have a complete understanding of the basics of marijuana growing. Read up on how to avoid those mistakes before you start germinating your seeds.

One of the most important factors of good quality bud is good quality seeds. No growing method can fix bad genetics. Clones are often not a good place to start as oftentimes you are not getting the strain that you think you are. If you want a guarantee that you are getting the strain you desire then you need to get your seeds from a seed bank. You can expect a dramatic increase in yields and a drastic improvement in quality just from getting seeds with good genetics. Even though it may cost a bit more it is worth it as you will never get top-shelf bud from bag seed.

The right amount of light

Besides genetics, the other great determining factor of super bud is the amount of light it has received. Both the size and potency of the bud are greatly affected by this. So, even if you have a seed with a high percentage of THC, if it has not received enough light it will never reach this potency. The right amount of light is dependant on the size of the plant and how many plants you have. It is important to do your research to determine which light is best for your cannabis plant and set up. Also, pay close attention to how your plant reacts to the light because your plant can get a light burn if it's too close to the light.

Making sure your plant has the proper nutrients throughout its life cycle will prevent deficiencies and give you the best-looking bud. Soil doesn't already contain the nutrients needed so you will have to add them. For the plant's various stages in life until harvest, it will need different nutrients. To ensure your plant is getting what it needs it's as easy as getting a fertilizer package like the one we choose called Flower Power Fertilizers. This takes the guesswork out of providing the correct and right amount of nutrients.

Looking at the trichomes

Lastly, if you want top-shelf bud you need to harvest at the right time and dry the buds well. This will provide for optimal potency not only for cannabinoids like THC but also essential oils and terpenes. There are two methods to ensure that your buds are ready for harvest. The pistils, or hairs, on the bud, will go from white to dark and curl in. When about 70% of the pistils have done this then it is a good indication that it is ready to be harvested. The other and more precise method involves looking at the trichomes on the bud. The trichome heads should be about 70% milky and 30% amber-colored before you begin harvesting. After harvesting, a slow drying process is a way to go. This usually takes about 5 to 10 days. At this point, you've put in so much time and energy that you shouldn't waste it by being impatient. Dry your buds properly and you will reap the reward.

Top shelf bud is achievable for any grower. Remember the key to growing buds that are trophy worthy is starting with good genes. Then, if you put in the effort and follow these tips you will be right on your way to harvesting envy-worthy buds.