It may surprise some of you to know that cannabis can actually be cultivated in cold climates, and that this process doesnt always have to be tedious and miserable. Here are a couple of tips to help you grow weed outdoors during the winter months:

If youre a grower already, you'll already be aware of the fact that marijuana is a very versatile plant that is incredibly adaptable, which is why it is grown pretty much all over the world. The best temperatures for cannabis to grow in are around 20-28 °C, though this can often be pretty hard to adhere to with an outside garden. This is why indoor cannabis grows are increasing globally, and in freezing climates it really is the only option. That being said, pretty good outdoor cultivations have been harvested in the likes of Canada and eastern Europe.

Dangerous plant health

The first thing you need to do to make sure your crops stand a chance in a cold climate is to choose a strain that has been tried in tested in that climate. Indoor growers, on the other hand, will really be able to grow any strain at any time, due to the fact they can tailor the all of the plant's experiences such as watering and temperature. Although, there are cases in which indoor plants have been affected by outdoor factors, such as heavy snowfall and if a plants temperature decreases to anything less than 15 °C, this is very dangerous for the plant's health.

Outdoor grows, then, can only really consist of the most resistant marijuana strains because they are the only ones which stand a chance in harsh climates. The best varieties for cold weather are auto-flowering strains as they are incredibly quick to harvest. Ruderalis genetics will ensure the auto-flowering strains grow very quickly. In fact, they will typically go into the bloom cycle at about 30 days as they are not photoperiod dependent.

Avoid Rain

Something to watch out for when growing plants outdoors in cold weather is mould, the greatest threat to any weed plant. High RH and low temperatures are the perfect conditions for fungus to flourish, so stick with fast flowering hybrids and auto-flowering strains so harvest quickly, so as to avoid the rains that result in mould.

All in all, growing in cold temperatures is pretty undesirable and should be avoided if you can help it. Although, understandably sometimes there is no other option for growers and so, hopefully, these tips have helped a little. Good luck out there.

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