So you are going to grow a cannabis plant yourself? That is fantastic news, because growing cannabis yourself is not only fun to do, but you will also learn a lot from it. What about nutrients? What light should you use? Have you already made a choice whether to work indoors or outdoors? Before you can plant your seeds, you will first have to answer a few questions for yourself. But we are here to help you out. First, we'll explain some basics of growing weed, because if the foundation is good you will benefit from it throughout the entire growth process. So, bring on that green thumb, and let's get started!

Start off with good quality cannabis seeds

cannabis seeds

Keep in mind that growing weed takes a lot of time. The plants grow naturally, but you will have to create the ideal conditions to get everything out of your plant. That already starts with the seed. Some people who are going to grow for the first time think that all seeds are the same and that everything will be okay once the seeds have been put into the soil. But that is a misconception.

There is a lot of quality difference in the various online seed banks from which you can buy your seeds. In fact, everything stands or falls with high-quality genetics. Only if your seeds are good can you get a good harvest. You can still have such a green thumb, and you can still have so much growing experience, and your soil can still be so rich in nutrients ... if the cannabis seed is of poor quality, you just can't make it up during the growth of the plant. So, set priorities and start off right from the start with high quality seed. Only then will you get an end result that meets your expectations. The quality is largely determined in the genetics of the seed. That goes for the overall quality of the plant, but also for specific characteristics.

Some growers want very long plants with as many stems as possible and as many flower tops as possible. Other growers want plants with very high CBD content. Are you going to grow outside? Then there are strains that are more suitable for an outdoor grow, and that also applies to indoor growing. Before you start growing weed you will have to make a number of choices for yourself. What is the goal? What are you going for? And then you adjust the choice of your seeds to that. And to have said it once more... opt for high quality genetics only.

Look, if you are going to grow indoors, then you probably don't have a space of 4 meters high, right? Congratulations if you do, you lucky bastard, but most growers don't have that! So then you also want plants that do not grow that tall, you don't want towering shrubs, but rather plants that grow a bit wide and bushy. These characteristics are also all embedded in the genetics of the plant. So when selecting your seeds, better not look at the hip and trendy names that marketers have given the strains, but also check the growth characteristics. It may be clear that not every seed is the same, although they all look almost the same from the outside!

Do not use clones, but seeds