Marijuana growers all aim for the same thing: big yields. There is a lot that factors into play when it comes to the final size of your harvest. Sure, genetics does play a big part in it, but there are plenty of tricks to boost your buds.

One of the best ways to increase bud growth is to increase the intensity of light on your plants. When you have more light, then you are basically feeding your plants more since they turn light into energy with photosynthesis. They will have more energy to grow and produce the buds you want. If the light isn't intense enough in your grow room (putting your plants on a windowsill is not going to cut it), your plants will be long and lanky. They will be trying to stretch themselves up toward the light. This can cause them to fall over. We want shorter bushy plants as they produce a higher yield. You can simply fix this problem by moving the lights closer to your plants, but not too close, or else you might burn them. If your lights are already pretty close to the plant, then buy bulbs with higher watts. Don't forget with all those lights to keep your grow room cool.

Grow flatter and wider instead

Another way to increase yield is to "train" your plants. This will give you bigger, wider plants with more colas spaced out. This is a technique that doesn't cost any money and it can really make a difference to the size of your harvest. Training is a form of pruning, but you don't actually need to cut your plant. It is called LST, or low-stress training. With low-stress training, you are manipulating your plants to grow flatter and wider instead of skinny and tall by using bending techniques. If you are going for this technique, then you should begin when the plant is quite young as it is difficult to manipulate the plant in the "tabletop" shape once it has developed into a triangle or tree-like shape. Low-stress training is useful because it trains the plant to grow so that it boosts its absorption of light. As the plant is growing outwards it allows more leaves to intake light energy.

If you want great, big, fat buds you need to give them the right nutrients. You can't expect to stick the seedling in any old soil and just expect the soil to give your plant what it needs. Throughout the plant's life until harvest, you need to feed it what it craves. If you want to ensure your babies get what they need to grow big and strong, then purchase the right Fertilizer. The fertilizers will provide your plant with the right ratio of nutrients for every stage of your plant's life. Just like with everything, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. If you stuff too many nutrients into your plant, then it will end up getting nutrient burn. To avoid this, follow the feeding schedule on the fertilizer packaging.

Bigger and better buds

Grooming your plants a bit will help them to flourish. After your plant has entered the flowering stage, you should remove dying leaves to speed up your marijuana plant's bud growth. If you have yellowing leaves get rid of them. They are using up the plant's energy and assets just by being there. If you cut them off, then all those resources can go to growing bigger and better buds.

All plants need Carbon Dioxide, CO2, to grow and be healthy. So, if you raise the CO2 that your plant is getting then you are making them grow more. Plants can only use CO2 during the time it gets light, and the more light that the plant gets the more CO2 it will need for photosynthesis. It is basically increasing your plant's ability to use light. During photosynthesis, the carbon-fixing reaction occurs. This means splitting CO2 molecules into carbon and hydrogen to make food for the plant in the form of sugars and starches. Adding CO2 will help keep your plant from getting too much light as the increased CO2 will add to its light capacity.

If you follow these helpful tips, you will be on your way to bigger and better yields. Just keep in mind to do everything in moderation. Keep a close eye on your plants as they will indicate to you what they need or if you are giving them too much of a good thing.