How do you prevent from greening out? Greening out is an annoying feeling that you get when you have used too much weed. You can get really sick from over-consumption of cannabis, but don't worry, you won't die from it. The reason you are not feeling well is because you have consumed too much THC. That is not so bad, but it can lead to unpleasant situations. It often happens to people who smoke cannabis for the first time and are to unexperienced to properly estimate the amount and effect that the weed causes. Greening out also happens often to people who consume edibles.

Eating edibles (or drinking a cannabis drink) is tricky because the effect kicks in rather late. Many users think that the effect is very low and then take more of the edible too quickly. As a result, the effect kicks big time some time after, and many people cannot cope with this. You can feel very miserable because of it, some people even have the feeling that they are dying. Fortunately that does not happen, and not all situations are that extreme. But it is good to prevent a situation of 'greening out', because consuming weed should always be fun, positive and exciting. So read on quickly and learn how you can prevent a greening out situation. And find out what you can do to escape from a greening out situation, or to help others. So read on!

Too much THC

Unfortunately, greening out is more common than we would like. An important reason for this is that the THC levels have increased considerably. In the past there was much less THC in weed than today, and that is something that many people do not take into account. Greenng out means that there is too much cannabis in your body, and your body responds to it. You can get very sick but it is not the case that you can get an overdose of it and that you can die from it. That's the good news! No seriously, it is very important for your health to take it easy when using cannabis. Make sure you dose well. Know your limits!

Greening out symptoms

greening out symptoms

How is it possible that you end up in a situation where you have consumed too much weed? Usually your body will automatically indicate if you have had enough of something. You just feel that you have reached a limit. But with cannabis products that you can eat, that's a tricky thing. And with cannabis concentrates with a very high THC content, it is also difficult. Shatter, wax, oil and hashish are all concentrates of marijuana that are very strong.

These concentrates can have THC levels up to 70%.. This is way more the average stoner can handle. This stuff is just too strong. With edibles, the effect can only be felt very late, and that is tricky because you then continue to consume. The moment the effect hits, it is so strong that it makes you sick. In addition, you also run a risk of greeing out if you combine different drugs, or if you drink alcohol and use weed at the same time. This can reinforce each other, so that the effect increases considerably. In fact it is very simple: cannabis products which contain a high concentration of THC, the risk of side effects and therefore of a greening out is big.

But how exactly does a greening out work? What is happening in your body? That is actually very simple. Your body receives far too much THC in a short time. The THC from the cannabis causes reactions of the CB1 and CB2 receptors that are present in your body. These receptors normally influence all kinds of things, such as concentration and memory. Too much THC causes all these functions to be disrupted and the body gets panicked. You can feel very sick both physically and mentally.

Have you ever experienced a greening out?