Try moon rocks for a new high

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If you haven’t heard of moon rocks yet, it’s about time! I’m talking about cannabis moon rocks, not to be confused with pure MDMA crystals that are also referred to as moon rocks. Moon rocks have been dubbed the caviar of cannabis.  

catch my drift

Moon rocks are nuggets of marijuana (usually from the strain Girl Scout Cookies) dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. Everything about a moon rock just makes sense. Think about it, whenever you have something simple like a strawberry and you dip it in chocolate and then add some whip cream on top then all of a sudden it’s decadent and luxurious.To add even more perspective to it- smoking moon rocks give off the same sense as taking the first sip of champagne with gold flakes floating around the glass.  I think you catch my drift by now. Moon rocks will take you to a new high.

Moon rocks look like something from another planet. These green nugs have a mossy outer appearance and if you break them open you can see the different layers of goodness. The beautiful bud center is protected by a shield of pure cannabis pollen. It doesn’t get much better than this....

Making your own cannabis infused capsules is easy

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Last blog I wrote about the all the different ways to consume cannabis that is safer than smoking.  One of those mentioned was consuming oil capsules or “canna caps.” Canna caps can pack a powerful punch for getting rid of a range of things from pain to anxiety.  They act similarly to cannabis edibles, and capsules are a great option for diabetics or those not wanting to consume the sugar that comes with special brownies or space cakes. 

Currently there are many dispensaries that sell oil capsules. They vary greatly in terms of potency so be sure to read the label before purchasing. If you want to ensure that you are getting the best product for yourself then there’s no better way than to make it yourself. When you are making it yourself you should pay attention to the dose of each capsule as that will be the minimum dose that you take. So, if you make the single dose too strong then you are pretty much stuck….usually on the couch.

Making your own canna cups is a safe and easy procedure. You don’t have to worry about explosions or fire. There’s no need for a science lab, test tubes, or petri dishes. Almost everything you will need you probably already have in your kitchen. ...

The healthiest ways to consume cannabis

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Smoke is harmful to your lungs, whether it is from a burning fire, tobacco, or cannabis. When you light up your standard lighter it can reach up to 3,590 degrees Fahrenheit (1,977 degrees Celsius). That intense (very intense) heat is directly applied to your bud and then you inhale the hot, ashy particles into your lungs. That hot and unfiltered smoke is what causes you to cough and causes tar build up. As much as we like smoking bud, it is just not the safest way to consume cannabis.

So, how can you safely consume cannabis? There are a multitude of ways to choose from to best suit your needs.

Right off the bat I can tell you that edibles are becoming increasingly popular with many more options than your regular ‘ol “space cake.” Of course no offense to space cake as we all can agree that cannabis and chocolatey sweet goodness go good together. Nowadays you can get your buzz from pretty much any candy you prefer like gummies, chocolate bars, fruit bars, or savory crackers; you name it and you can get it. It doesn’t just stop with edibles, now there’s drinkables too. Cannabis infused wine, beer, tea, juice, are all in the market ready for you to try. The good thing about edibles is that the amount of cannabis you are consuming can be measured so it takes the guess work out of the equation.

Drink raw cannabis juice for your health.

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Juicing is a fast and easy way to consume your daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables. Many people claim it’s the way to go for an energetic and healthy day. Now what would happen if you threw a couple of fresh marijuana leaves in your juicer every morning? Well, according to Dr. William Courtney, a physician with a B.S. in Microbiology, a M.D. from Wayne State University and a Post Doctorate in Forensic Examination and Forensic Medicine, it can benefit with various illnesses and prevent them as well.

Promoting cannabis juicing

Dr. Courtney’s path to promoting cannabis juicing started when his wife, Kristen, triumphantly fought symptoms of lupus with drinking the juice of fresh cannabis. The husband and wife team has since then eagerly promoted the benefits of using marijuana juicing.

Overwhelmingly positive

Although there are limited amount of research that can back up the powerful beneficial claims of juicing raw cannabis, Dr. Courtney says, “My experience day in and day out is overwhelmingly positive with patients who are using it.” Courtney has about 8,000 patients that assert that they have seen good effects from drinking or eating raw cannabis leaves....

Marijuana munchies

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Marijuana and munchies go together like cops and donuts. We have all been there: 20 minutes into your smoking session and then all of a sudden you’re thinking cheese out of a spray-can was the best invention ever because it all of a sudden goes with everything right? Then you’re debating whether or not to first eat the spray-can cheese with your candy bar or wait till the pizza you ordered arrives and spray extra cheese on it.

Scientific reason behind the munchies?

This phenomenon is no coincidence. Would you believe there’s a scientific reason behind the munchies? Yes, people actually study this kind of stuff, yeah them! Basically it’s caused by cannabinoids taking over brain cells that usually suppress appetite. A study revealed that marijuana makes the brain create a different set of chemicals that changes the feeling of being full and satiated into a hunger that doesn’t get appeased.

The appetite centre of the brain

Tamas Horvath, the scientist that led the study at Yale University, said, “By observing how the appetite centre of the brain responds to marijuana, we were able to see what drives the hunger brought about by cannabis and how that same mechanism that normally turns off feeding becomes a driver of eating. It’s like pressing a car’s brakes and accelerating instead.” ...