Everyone knows the effects of smoking, vaping or other forms of consumption of marijuana. But have you ever considered eating cannabis raw? In fact, cannabis is extremely healthy, it has a lot of nutritional value. It is full of protein, fiber, antioxidants and a large number of vitamins and minerals.

The consumption of raw cannabis

Raw consumption of cannabis has a number of advantages. Firstly, the cannabinoid acids such as THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) and CBDA (cannabidiol acid) remain unchanged. If you were to smoke these, they would be converted to CBD and THC by heating.

In addition, cannabis also retains many more useful terpenes if you do not smoke (burn). In addition to producing the aromas and flavors, terpenes also have various medicinal benefits.

Although a lot of research still needs to be done, CBDA has anti-inflammatory properties, is an antibacterial agent and may work against nausea and vomiting. Preclinical research suggests that THCA may offer protection against neurodegenerative diseases. It would also prevent epilepsy and muscle spasms and provide relief from insomnia and pain.

Raw cannabis causes no high


If you eat raw cannabis, you will not experience high. The THCA mentioned earlier is not converted into THC by means of decarboxylation (that is caused by heating). Many cannabis enthusiasts might be able to do this, while this is another advantage for other users. THCA and CBDA do not induce the same effects as THC and CBD. Researchers think that THC and CBD have great therapeutic potential. But this does not mean that raw cannabis offers no health benefit. It is a very healthy food source.

Like many other green leafy vegetables, cannabis contains a lot of fiber, protein, fatty acids and iron. In addition, cannabis contains vitamin C and vitamin K.

You can add cannabis to a smoothie, together with other fruits and vegetables. Or you can press it into fresh juice. You can even toss your weed leaves into a salad. There are many possibilities and the health benefits of cannabis superfood are surprising.

Have you ever considered eating cannabis raw?

Grow your own cannabis plant from seed

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.