When you buy weed seeds for the first time, you may be wondering if you can touch the seeds with your bare hands. After all, they are very vulnerable, right? And there could be a risk of contamination in some way? So it's not a strange question to ask yourself whether you can grab those small, precious seeds with your bare hands. Opinions vary, but why would you want to take the risk?

It is always possible that a marijuana seed will not germinate, and the question rises what the reason is. The bad genetics of the seed are usually blamed. Most people will instantly say that the seed must be of very poor quality. But the gardener who lets the seed germinate and touches it without gloves or tweezers also has an influence. That is at least the opinion of many professional growers. Read on and learn more about this topic. What are the risks with germination? And what is the best way to handle your fragile cannabis seeds? Let’s find out!

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Germination power

Our hands and fingers are covered with oils and bacteria. Even if you wash your hands a hundred times a day, there will always be bacteria present again soon after every time you disinfect your hands. You don't see it, but if you touch a weed seed, you will leave your mark. Usually that is fine and the seed will germinate. But if you leave the seed for a long time, the bacteria and esoteric oils you have left on it can undermine the germinative power of the seed. Ultimately, that can result in a seed not sprouting. The chance of that is small, but it is present.

Touching seeds is a risk