Welcome to our curated collection of the 40 best stoner songs, carefully selected by the team at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS). Whether you're a seasoned stoner or simply enjoy the vibe of cannabis culture, this playlist is designed to enhance your musical experience and transport you to higher realms of relaxation and enjoyment. From iconic tunes that have become synonymous with cannabis culture to hidden gems that deserve more recognition, we've compiled a diverse range of tracks that celebrate the love for music and the herb. Get ready to light up, kick back, and let the melodies guide you on a blissful journey. So grab your favorite strain, press play, and immerse yourself in the ultimate stoner playlist. Let the music and the cannabis take you to new heights of euphoria.

1. Because I Got High

If you have never listened to this song, it is time you look for it. Afro Man wrote the song to illustrate how weed can lead to unproductivity. At first, the song sounds like a harmless joke and fun, but Afro Man's problems keep on increasing.

At the beginning of the song, Afro man cannot clean his room because he got high. Then, he goes from having a messy room to losing his wife and children because he is high. The song is a buzzkill among teenagers who smoke marijuana.

2. "Dooo it!" by Miley Cyrus 

The song was a hit; it made it to number 23 on Billboard Twitter Top Tracks. In the song, Miley illustrates the need to enjoy your tunes while smoking weed. However, the song received some dislikes because it is too repetitive-it doesn't adhere to the rhythm of other stoner songs. 

3. "James Joint" by Rihanna

In the song, Rihanna shows her love for weed. The most popular lyric in the song states that she would rather smoke weed every time when she is breathing.

However, things change after the police come over, and her thoughts switch and become less Less-pleasant and paranoid. 

4. How High

"How High" was a song written by Method Man and Redman. The most exciting line stated that you need to smoke marijuana to kiss the sky or go up the sky like a bird or plane. 

Although the song only has a few references to weed, it was a significant hit in the mid-90s. Composed by the most excellent stoner duo, the song was performed in many concerts with dozens of lit-up blunts. The security personnel experienced a difficult time trying to put out the hundreds of joints.

5. You Don't Know How It Feels 

The above song was written and performed by Tom Petty. The song doesn't talk about weed. However, the song has one line that mentions weed. That one line is very memorable and can rarely go unacknowledged. It is famously censored when played on radio stations, but that doesn't stop anyone from screaming the words out in a car. 

6. Reefer Man

Cab Calloway performed the song. It teases folks who cannot handle their behaviors when they smoke weed and laughs at fans who don't know which way to follow after they light up. 

7. "Addicted" by Amy Winehouse

The best thing about this song is that it is super-relatable, and it is played on a jazz beat. As a bonus, the song is combined with unforgettable vocals that make you float on cloud nine.  

The song's most popular lyric talks of the need to call a green man after all the weed is finished. The green man will bring more weed. 

8. We Be Burnin'

In this song, Sean Paul clearly shows his love for burning. He also sets the song to a dancehall beat that we can dance to. The song spent 28 weeks on the top 100 charts and peaked at position 6. 

The most stimulating lyric states that smokers should burn every day and not mind what others will say.

9. D'Evils

Unlike the songs discussed above, D'Evils by Sir does not entirely talk about smoking weed. However, it mentions the need for one spliff every day. Indeed, you cannot ignore that statement because it gives the song a friendly vibe. 

10. Weed With Willie

The song "Weed With Willie" was written and performed by Toby Keith. He shares a story of how he shared weed with an American pot fanatic-Willie, Nelson, in the song. The stuff was too powerful for Keith, and he opted to take whiskey instead. He even goes ahead to swear that he will never retake weed. 

11. Marijuana

Though Kid swore off smoking marijuana, he spent his original album celebrating marijuana. He likened it to a best friend that always supported him and never left him in a lonely position. In his lyrics, he says that cannabis is all he needs. 

12. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Before writing "Rainy Day Women," Bob Dylan had written several philosophical songs in the 1960s. However, "Rainy Day Women" was a significant triumph for cannabis enthusiasts. 

The song was backed by an excellent band, which enabled Dylan to deliver an anthem. At the end of every verse, the band would shout, "Everyone should get stoned." 

13. The Next Episode

In 2001, Dr. Dre feat recruited Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg (R.I.P), and Kurupt to show how life is on the West Coast. The song mainly focused on weed smoking on that side of the country. 

The most exciting lyric on the song states that in that area, they smoke marijuana each day! 

14. Pass The Kouchie

Written by The Mighty Diamonds, the 1982 jam was popular in Jamaica. However, it later exploded in the United States of America and the United Kingdom when a musical youth did a cover song. 

Nonetheless, it is essential to note that the term "kouchi" was replaced with "dutchie." With the new lyrics, the youths started interchanging the pot among themselves. 

15. Young, Wild & Free

What comes to your mind when Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Bruno Mars released a collaboration song? Well, you can already tell the song will be a hit. 

The song "Young, Wild and Free" was a hit because it unites a classic musician, Snoop Dogg, with a young rapper, Khalifa. In addition, it roped in the love songwriter Bruno Mars.  The combination made the song rank highly. Indeed, the song is cherished by stoners. 

The most famous line mentions that marijuana blunts are big and should be smoked until they sting.

16. Sweet Leaf

In this song, Black Sabbath professes his love for marijuana as if it is his wife or a goddess. In the lyrics, he states that his life is evident because he loves the sweet leaf. 

As he grinds his guitar riffs, the song sounds so romantic. 

17. Hits From The Bong

Due to the song's lyrics, sound effects, and hazy sample. In his lyrics, He describes the blunt with so much love. For instance, he describes how the puff goes down his through smoothly when he hits it. 

18. Smoke Two Joints

According to The Toyes, Sublime's song "smoke two joints," you are at liberty to smoke weed anywhere and at any time. The song also has bubbling bong sounds that give you the confidence to smoke weed.

The song "Smoke Two Joints" has been used severally by marijuana users while advocating for the legalization of marijuana. The good news is that we are making progress toward that. 

19. Pass That Dutch

"Pass the Dutch, pop that!" is the most smoking lyric in this song. The lyric played a significant role in making the tracking feature on the Hot 100 in 2003. Moreover, the song is characterized by an unstoppable beat that makes it a banger. 

The song is still popular today, especially on 4/20, as we celebrate worlds cannabis day. 

20. Legalize It

Whether you refer to it as ganja, marijuana, or weed, smokers have been dancing to Peter Tosh's plea of legalizing weed for decades. In the lyrics, Tosh mentioned that singers and instrument players smoke weed. 

Therefore, the best thing they should do is legalize weed. 

Bob Marley also tried to release a new version of the song that called for the legalization of weed, but it didn't gain as much publicity as the original song. 

The song has had much impact in today's world. We are sure Bob Marley is dancing in his grave as states continue to legalize marijuana in the United States of America. 

21. Stay High

Before they became popular, the three 6 mafia wrote and produced the ultimate hip-hop song about smoking ganja. From the first verse led by a syrupy soul to the middle verse by Young Buck's wild and the chorus, the song asks people to smoke marijuana. 

22. Mary Jane

The song Mary Jane by Rick James was released in 1978. Immediately, it became a hit because of its punk-funk definition. The song rhythm starts with strong strings, then later lightens up to female vocals that welcome the show's stars – James and the leading lady.

In the lyrics, James romantically captures how weed turns him on when feeling low. Indeed, James has mastered the art of turning weed into a practical act of seduction. 

23. Got To Get You Into My Life

This soulful track was released in 1966 by The Beetles. If you listen to the song for the first time, you might think it is dedicated to a woman. However, the love object being referred to in this instance is weed and not a woman.  

In an interview with Barry Miles, Paul McCartney admitted that he wrote the song when he was introduced to cannabis. He had been a working-class person in the past, but he got uplifted when he started smoking marijuana. Unlike other drugs such as alcohol and pills, weed didn't have any side effects, and Paul liked it.  Therefore, the song was about pot and not a woman. 

24. One Toke Over The Line

In 1971 Los Angeles friends Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley made it to the top hit with their song "One Toke Over the Line."

Surprisingly, they came up with the song while they were slightly high and waiting for a train. In an interview, Brewer told rolling stone magazine that on that night, Tom mentioned he was "one toke over the line," and they decided to write a song about the statement. 

The song would have made it to a higher position in the charts if the F.C.C. had not cautioned radio programmers against censoring the song or not playing it at all. 

25. Kaya

In 1977, Bob Marley released an album that focused on faith, politics, and religion. This Kaya song was one of the major hits on the album. 

Bob Marley had once stated that kaya was Jamaican slang for marijuana. According to the lyrics, Bob bakes and wakes, and after some time, he starts (feeling Irie), which is a Rastafari way of saying "feeling good." So why is he feeling good? Because he has some Kaya now. 

26. Gin And Juice

Snoop Dogg released the song Gin and Juice in 1993.  The song was produced at a house party in the hood. Although his crib backyard was filled with crime and violence, his pockets were always full of spliffs and rubbers.

During the song's production, Snoop and his producer turned the venue into a smoking Indo. The song portrayed that you should always live the good life regardless of how rough your background is. 

27. Brown Sugar

Like his predecessor Rick James in Mary Jane's song, the song brown sugar was more than a smoke session. 

While setting his husky voice over a crispy piano arrangement, D'Angelo sings about a girl named Brown Sugar. He sings with so much love that the sounds can make you feel like he is making love. "I always get high because of your love, and I don't know how to behave towards it," he lits. Unexpectedly, he shifts to an ecstatic falsetto that can easily make you lose the weed metaphor. 

In an interview with the Vibe, he urged songwriters to use their imaginations to develop creative songs. 

28. Dopesmoker

Dopesmoker is an epic 63-minute dirge recorded in 1996 by the renowned stoner Rock Trio Sleep. The piece was first released in 1999 but was later rechristened as Dopesmoker in 2003. The song consisted of massive stoners who were trying to do something unique. 

The song's lyrics, "follow the smoke toward the riff-filled land," sums up the band's philosophy at the time of the song's release.  In an interview with Decibel Magazine, guitarist Pike recounted that they were smoking a lot- probably 2 or 3 ounces in a day. 

29. Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die 

The song instructs listeners what to do with ashes belonging to the singers as soon as they exit the earth. The song has appearances from Kristofferson and Jamey; however, the spectacle belongs to Snoop and Willie (the longtime pot proselytizers). The two deliver great lines such as "Call my friends and tell them to come on by, we have a party." This song was the most heartwarming when talking about cremation.

30. Under Me SlengTeng

The song "under me SlengTeng" was written by Wayne Smith. Like other slang for marijuana,  the term SlengTeng refers to a slim thing, a spliff, or a lithe babe.

The song was built from a stupefying Casio MT-40 keyboard. Through the keyboard, a nice rhythm was created that later led to the invention of dancehall reggae. Today, reggae songs are associated with marijuana smokers. 

31. Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana

As you can see, this is the best marijuana title ever. The song was cut by S.E Rogie, a Sierra Leone guitarist before he died. The song portrays three minutes of African guitar lines that curl on each other like rings. In addition, the song comprises some incomprehensible lyrics that remind us always to use the vocal mic. 

32. "Purple Haze"

Purple Haze was produced in the 1960s by Jimi Hendrix. The song is significantly associated with stoner culture. 

The term "Purple Haze" can refer to many things, but it is mainly associated with the marijuana purple haze strain. The strain is popular due to its sweetness and dreamy quality. Jimi was a great supporter of the legalization of the purple Haze strain.  

Plus, the meandering and fun guitar riffs and hard lyrics are a perfect way of relaxing with your friends in your backyard while smoking a joint. 


Dizzy Fae wrote the song to highlight the impacts of the Indica strain.  The Indica strains are known to have intense sedative effects as compared to Sativa. That's why in her song, Dizzy repeats the line, "All I wanted to do was feel wanted." 

Dizzy's song also adheres to the soft synth sounds, floaty feel, and percussive beats from the beginning to the end. The soothing tone is impeccable for any stoner party. 

34. "2 On"

"2 on" is an upbeat song that was produced with club vibes. The singer Tinashe celebrates a party while hotboxing inside her car. Some marijuana songs, for example, this one, are more about making a catchy rhythm that people can dance to at a crowded party. The song is fun and carefree but edgier and smokier than the other songs listed above. 

35."Float On"

If you are a stoner who enjoys existential cries, nihilism, and positivity, you should listen to 'Float On' by Isaac Brock. Isaac sings about some bad scenarios like falling subject to tourist cons. However, his ultimate message is that everyone should float on. The "float on" message is driven home by melancholy chords that soothe the soul. The floating idea is a perfect vibe for smokers. 

36. "Realiti"

In the past, people associated stoner music with reggae songs. However, this is not the case; there are several songs for weed fanatics that arise in the pop scene today. 

Unlike the carefree type of music, we also have hyper-imaginative songs. For instance, we have Grime's "Realiti" song that consists of ethereal synth beats that can take you to another realm. The hyper song can easily uplift your spirits when you are getting high or even light up the mood of the party squad. 

37. High By The Beach

The song "High by the Beach" comprises Lana Rey's soft, whispery voice.

The song conveys the images of beautiful afternoons while lying on the sand, stoned Vernice surfers, and surreal landscapes around the beach. The song is ambient for social smokers who love contemplative songs about starting over and peace. 

38. "Island In The Sun"

In the song "Island in the Sun," Weezer used an easygoing tune that captured relaxing and smoking weed vibes. Not only did he use lyrics to capture the moment, but he also used music videos that resonated with the listener's imagination, especially if they were high. 

According to listeners, the song demonstrated a relaxed South California spirit, and it was named one of the best Weezer's songs. However, some critics dissed the song terming it the most overrated song that should have already retired from radio.

39."Planet Of Weed"

According to Fountains of Wayde's song "planet of weed," marijuana smokers always co-exist in peace. In his song, he has a line stating, "There is no greed or hatred in the planet of weed/ everybody gets along."

40. "Vaporize"

The song "vaporize" was written by Broken Bells to caution people on weed consumption. Instead of smoking the blunt, Broken Bells urges people to adopt a healthy way of living. 

The song changed many lives. Accor

ding to the reviews, people started following their dreams instead of living in fear. They decided to take up the mantle and make the changes instead of waiting for other people. The song was indeed an inspiration.


Marijuana makes music sound too good due to its effect on the pleasure centers of the mind. Now that we have highlighted some of the songs you should listen to when smoking weed, it is high time you start cultivating weed on your own.  You will need the music while you are trimming the leaves too. Later, you can enjoy your harvest while playing the songs.

So, what the heck are you waiting for? If you do not have any of these songs, don't worry. Go to YouTube or whatever music app you trust and download your favorite stoner song. Better still, you can listen to your favorite music live.

Disclaimer: This content is meant for educational purposes only. It has been compiled with research from external sources. it is not meant to substitute any medical or legal advice. Please see your local laws for the legality of cannabis use.