If you enjoy smoking a joint, and you also like an alcoholic drink, then you know that the effect of the two varies considerably. Many people have a clear preference for either cannabis or alcohol. What about you? Are you on the alcohol, or on the cannabis side? Or do you combine both? Anyway, we are going to find out in this article what is healthier, or conversely what is unhealthier! Welcome to this episode of Weed versus Alcohol!

It is a fact that both weed and alcohol have been consumed for thousands of years. These two have been around for a while! There are many cultures from all over the world that use both cannabis and alcohol. Often historically, it first started out because of the medical properties. But the use of cannabis and alcohol also has many differences. The rituals, their uses and the occasions on which you use weed or alcohol can also be very different. Read on and discover everything about these two stimulants.

Weed versus alcohol

weed versus alcohol

It depends on where you live and what your background is, culturally speaking, whether your acceptance of cannabis use is higher, or that of alcohol. In certain cultures it is widely accepted to consume alcohol, and the use of cannabis is not (so) accepted. But the reverse is also common; on the contrary, it is socially accepted that cannabis is used, and people consume little or no alcohol. It depends on where you live, what kind of people you interact with, and how you grew up, as it were. Which is also a striking difference ... it is often a bit silly if you are going to drink alcohol on your own at home, but if you are going to smoke a joint (and watch a movie) on your own, that is quite normal again. In other words, there are still quite a few differences between the use of weed and alcohol.

Effects on the brain

But what exactly is the difference in effect between the two? Weed gives a certain kind of high, and there is also a difference between being high and being stoned. But alcohol again gives a completely different intoxication, depending on how much you drink and how your body reacts to it. In any case, it is clear that both cannabis and alcohol change and influence the functioning of the body and the brain. The part of the brain that is called the cerebellum is mainly affected by the use of alcohol, and that is the part that ensures how you move and that you stay balanced. You can feel it coming, so that is also the reason why people can no longer walk straight if they had a sip too much. The cerebral cortex is also not left alone by alcohol, and that is the part where you make decisions.

Marijuana has a completely different influence on the brain. There are substances in cannabis that react with so-called receptors that are present in the human body. These receptors are not only located in your head, but actually throughout the body. This is why a cannabinoid such as THC or CBD binds to receptors in the human body, and that can provoke positive effects throughout the human body. The intense feeling of cannabis is often described as euphoric and it also removes inhibitions. The effect of alcohol more often causes negative behavior that is also described as annoying and inappropriate. Ofcourse, everything depends on the circumstances, the amount that is consumed and your personal biological system. But the consumption of weed appears to have more positive effects than alcohol does.

What do you prefer, weed or alcohol? Tell us in the comment box below.

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