Autoflowering seeds are seeds that produce cannabis plants that will naturally start flowering. They do that completely on their own.

Normally the plant would only develop when the light schedule changes. But with autoflowering plants, the urge to change is in the DNA of the plant. They start flowering after a fixed period, whether you are ready as a grower or not!

They start flowering after a fixed period

Autoflowering marijuana plants are therefore easy to grow. You have little work on it compared to other cannabis strains. They are very constant plants that produce high-quality cannabis.

As a starting cannabis grower, an autoflower variant is therefore ideal. After all, you don't have to know how to adjust the light cycle. As a grower, you, therefore, need less knowledge and you can actually get started right away. An autoflower plant produces a great yield without a lot of hassle.

Benefits of Autoflower seeds

Autoflower marijuana plants grow anytime and anywhere. Naturally, the circumstances in which they grow are of influence, but autoflowers even grow in growing conditions that are not ideal. For example in places where there is little light. Or in places where there is little space.

Cannabis plants that have a high resistance and that can withstand temperature fluctuations grow from autoflowering seeds.

Many growers of autoflowering cannabis seeds can harvest twice in one summer. It is even possible to harvest 3 times!

Another big advantage of autoflowering seeds is that they are very resistant to mold and vermin. Because of this, they are suitable for growing everywhere and throughout the year. As a result, you have a reliable harvest every time.

Medical cannabis users

Compared to other weed species, the THC values in autoflowering plants are on the low side. But the CBD value is very high on the other hand. This makes autoflowers a perfect option for people who use marijuana in a medical way.

The CBD in weed plants ensures that the effect is less powerful. This reduces the psychoactive properties of THC.

Are you plannng to grow autoflowering cannabis plants yourself? Be sure to buy good quality seeds. The better your seeds, the better your end result will be!.

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