There are autoflowering seeds and there are feminized seeds. A combination of the two makes an absolute cannabis winner: autoflower-feminized seeds.

Autoflower female seeds are called 'auto-fem seeds' for short. You come across the term everywhere when you look around for weed seeds.

Auto-Fem is a relative new development. What makes these seeds so unique is the fast and strong way in which they go through their growth cycle. The time they need from a seed all the way to the harvest is just 10 weeks. And it doesn't matter if you grow them indoors or outdoors.

There are autoflowering seeds and there are feminized seeds

Auto-fem plants are ideal for smaller growing spaces, such as in a corner of a garden or on a patio. Thanks to their short lifespan, Auto-Fem plants often remain small, short plants. They are therefore also ideal if you want to grow a plant unobtrusively and discreetly.

The term 'automatic' means that the seeds are not dependent on a change in natural daylight. The flowering cycle starts automatically, regardless of the number of hours the plant gets light (and darkness).

Because these seeds are feminized as well as automatic, you can be sure that you will only get female plants. It is therefore a win-win situation.

Even 3 harvests per year are possible with auto-fem seeds.

Autoflowers are popular among people who grow outdoors. Sowing is usually done in northern areas in April. Even in northern Scandinavia, growers can produce high-quality cannabis in 10 weeks with autofem seeds.

In warmer countries with a Mediterranean climate, even 3 harvests per year are possible with auto-fem seeds!

Auto-fem seeds actually do well under all circumstances. But they perform best with 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. And this for a period of 10 weeks.

Always ensure that you buy high-quality seeds. After all, the seeds are the basis of every plant and ensure a good start for the rest of your plant's life cycle.

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