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As a teen I was a bit of a hippie. Think tie dye shirts, Phish concerts, and a van down by the river. I remember those days with fondness. What I don’t miss about those days are mystery schwag weed with more seeds and stems than buds! Luckily I live in the state of Massachusetts, one of the first in the US to legalize cannabis. The weed today is certainly better than the one I grew up with!

But with great power comes great responsibility. Well, not really in this case. But it IS a good idea to take it easy with new strains and new ways of consuming cannabis. In the seventies weed barely ever had more than 5% THC, now many of the fine strains carried by AMS have THC content of 20-30%! That’s no joke! Take a dab of that and it will send you straight to the moon! Man if the teenage me could see me now, I think he’d be quite happy with how things turned out!

I’ll be here to give you an OG’s perspective on all things cannabis. Tips on how to grow and most of all how to enjoy cannabis! So kick back, exhale, and enjoy the journey!

Indica, Sativa and Hybrid Cannabis Strains

You've probably heard the terms Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid before. But do you know what they mean? Marijuana is divided into two types: Sativa and Indica. In add [...]

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Avoid Cotton Mouth

Smoking weed is a fantastic experience that can be different every time. One of the annoying side effects of smoking weed is that you can get a dry mouth. This is called a [...]

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How to Make Cannabis Hashish Hassle-Freely

Many people often wonder how they can make cannabis hash. Popularly lengthened as hashish, it is an Arabic name that means grass.

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How to make a Marijuana Mojito

Many people around the world appreciate a cocktail. Cocktails have become synonymous with celebrations and also relaxing.

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How To Assess the Quality of a Marijuana Bud

Just like all the fine things in life: wine, cigars, and diamonds: cannabis can also be measured in terms of quality. The sight, touch, taste, size, aroma, and sensation o [...]

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