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Being in ‘the business’ for quite some time now, SOMA writes from his own experiences and gathers information from all the people he meets along the way.

Top 50 things to Do When You're High

You did it. You got some weed. You smoked it. But now you’re bored. There’s nothing to do. Wait maybe there are some things to do. There are plenty of enjoyabl [...]

How to Pair Weed with Wine

You’ve probably heard of wine and cheese pairings, but do you know that you can pair wine with cannabis? The intoxicating marriage of your favorite wine with your fa [...]

How to Reuse Soil Used by a Cannabis Plant

Growing cannabis can be an expensive and highly competitive business. Because of this, it is important to cut costs where you are able, without sacrificing quality. In ord [...]

Types Of Weed Grinders

If you buy a grinder the first decision you need to make is whether you want a two-part, a four-part or something else. A two-piece mill is the easiest option.

Best Weed Apps of 2021

These apps are among some of the best apps for marijuana. Whether you want to buy, grow, learn about the business, or find out if marijuana can alleviate your condition, t [...]

40 Best Stoner Songs

From Lady Gaga to Miley Cyrus, many musicians have released songs declaring their love for weed. Smoking weed can aid in relaxation, increase creativity and expand your mi [...]

Top 30 Most Fun Stoner Games of 2021 - AMS

Smoking weed and watching television seem to be made for each other! But wait, there is more. There are some really fun weed games that you can play to keep your sessions [...]

The possibilities of hemp and where it all can be ...

There is a lengthy list of the possibilities of what the Industrial Hemp (Hemp) plant can do. From building to Automotives to food and textiles, this low THC plant has mor [...]

How to recognize schwag weed

The quality of weed can vary considerably. Everyone has ever bought a bag of weed that turned out to be shwag (shitty quality). But how can you tell? How can you recognize [...]

Grinding weed with your hands: the 3 best ways

You can use your hands to grind your weed into smaller chunks, so it will burn more evenly and provide you with the best of your weed's cannabinoids.

Being High vs Being Drunk

If you enjoy smoking a joint, and you also like an alcoholic drink, then you know that the effect of the two varies considerably. The question of being high vs being [...]

Moonrocks and Sunrocks

Moonrocks weed and moonrocks seeds are some of the widely searched terms by those who use marijuana. Whether they have heard about the terms for the first time or they kno [...]

Seaweed: 3 ways to use this Cannabis Superfood

Seaweed is a highly nutritious and natural fertilizer for your cannabis plant. It is packed with beneficial nutrients and vital minerals that ensure maximum health, vitali [...]

What is Hotboxing

You can get high in all kinds of ways. But one of the most effective and also one of the funniest ways is by hotboxing. The principle of hotboxing is very simple. Read thr [...]

Cartoons to Watch High

Finding things to do when your high can be tricky, especially if you re already high, and so I find that one of the best, passive ways to spend your time is to watch TV. N [...]

What is the difference between Marijuana Caviar an ...

The cannabis industry has grown tremendously in the recent past, thanks to the gradual decriminalization of marijuana. THC junkies have been elevated to "high" ground, tha [...]

Top 100 Stoner Podcasts

According to Wikipedia, “a podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.&rd [...]

20 different types of rolling papers

20 different types of rolling papers; pros and cons Smoking has remained the main form of consuming marijuana. But did you know that the rolling paper for your joint coul [...]

What is THC-A Crystalline?

The hash family is ever dynamic. You will perhaps hear the term THC-A crystalline day in and day out if you surround yourself with serious potheads. In fact, it is in such [...]

What is the difference between a joint and a blunt ...

There will always be a buzzword in the marijuana context. This sees to it that there comes confusion when a specific name gets used in the place of another. Arguably, a jo [...]

Mangoes boost your high, this is how and why!

Mangoes, like other fruits containing Terpenes and Myrcene, can boost your high. According to one study carried out in the early 70s, it is reasonable to believe that when [...]

What is shatter

Also referred to as shatter weed, shatter wax, or marijuana shatter, shatter is among the trendy marijuana concentrates today. By definition, a shatter is a form of a cann [...]

The best smell proof bags & containers - 2020 Edit ...

Stashing cannabis is undoubtedly a pain among many potheads. This is so because not so many inexpensive containers can contain the smell or even hide these smokable herbs. [...]

A Hotboxing Guide

Hotboxing is an incredibly effective activity that is designed to help you and your friends get the most out of a smoking session.

Debunking Myths About White Cannabis Seeds

Have you ever bought some cannabis seeds and found that they were white instead of the usual brown? You might have heard that white seeds are duds. That they won’t g [...]

Cannabis Fashion

Cannabis fashion is a relatively new trend even though, technically, the practice of making garments from the cannabis plant has been around since ancient times – al [...]

Dr. Marijuana Pepsi

She is all over the news in recent days, the woman with the name: Marijuana Pepsi. And now that she got her Ph.D., her official name is Dr. Marijuana Pepsi. In the past, s [...]

Different types of vape pens

The popularity of smoking weed through a joint is declining. While the use of vape pens is increasing. Suppose you want to buy a vape pen, there is a lot of choice. There [...]

Why coffee and cannabis are a wonderful combinatio ...

Many people who smoke weed like to do that over a nice cup of coffee. Whether it is black, a flat white, or a pumpkin spice latte. The flavors of the two stimulants comple [...]

Cannabis Nasal Sprays - Are They Effective

It has been widely accepted for a while now that both CBD and THC are effective at treating a whole variety of different ailments, from chronic pain to depression, but the [...]

Cannabis Blueberry Smoothie

Marijuana and blueberries are a perfect combo. Mix the two into a delicious smoothie that offers many health benefits. Check this article and make yourself a delicious can [...]

Cannabis Inhalers

It may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but cannabis inhalers are beginning to take the medical community by storm. Not only are these inhalers helping people, but their v [...]

Why yogis love cannabis

Weed yoga, CBD oil, hemp clothing... why yogis love cannabis. Check out these trends among yogis.

Why Is Weed Called Weed?

Within the cannabis jargon, 'pot' is probably the first word that comes to mind (in addition to the more formal 'marijuana' and 'cannabis'). But the word actually exists m [...]

Cannabis tinctures and vaping

There are more and more new ways to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke it.

CBD oil-infused hamburger

Cannabis edibles have been getting a lot of hype lately, but the CBD hamburger that fast food chain Carl's Jr. launched recently, really did get a massive load of attentio [...]

Instagram accounts about cannabis that will surpri ...

Cannabis culture on Instagram ranges from cultivation tips to beautiful photography. Where to start on the ever-growing social network? Here are some diverse places to loo [...]

Do Stoners Have More Sex?

The correlation between sex and weed is something that definitely still needs to be studied, though what has been found so far is certainly interesting. Recent studies hav [...]

Date Ideas for Romantic Stoners

Using cannabis, as you probably know, can be tremendous fun. Although it really is better to use it with others rather than alone. This doesn't mean you need to consu [...]

Cannabis concentrates: what is live resin?

Live resin is starting to become a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. But what exactly is live resin and what makes live resin so special?

Cannabis Celebrities episode: popdiva Rihanna

Cannabis Celebrities is an ode to our favorite celebrity potheads. In this episode, we put pop diva and cannabis lover Rihanna in the spotlight.

What is a roach?

A roach is the leftover of a blunt or joint after it has been smoked. Learn more here!

The Best Stoner movies.

Prepare for an evening of laughter, eating, smoking, more eating and more laughing. Get your munchies ready and binge-watch these all-time stoner favorites.

Concentrates - Kief and Bubble Hash

Concentrates made from marijuana come in many varieties. In this article we will take a closer look at Bubble hash and Kief.

Different Ways of Consuming Cannabis

When it comes to marijuana consumption, it is easy to overlook your methodology. However, there are various different ways you can consume weed, each providing distinct ef [...]

New Marijuana Strain: Narco

AMS proudly presents another new marijuana strain: Narco. We've been doing research, testing, and crossing strains for many years in search of the ultimate relaxation mari [...]